Sunday, September 7, 2014

Everything in Life Changes . . .

Everything in life changes consciously for the better when . . .
By Desmond D. Green

- You accept it for what it is
- You appreciate what it brings to you
- You give it joyfully what you have to offer
- You can allow it to pass by while standing your own ground
- You can see your reflection in it and benefit from the experience
- You can see it more as playful illusions than as permanent forms
- You can embrace it unconditionally and release it completely
- You can accept it as your creation, without denying its consequences
- You can see it for what it is, allow it to be itself and free it completely to run its course at its own pace, on its own terms
- You can accept yourself unconditionally
- You can love generously
- You have enough self-confidence to treat it as a learning experience

From "Living Psalms"

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