Monday, August 25, 2014

Some thought posted at Facebook

The breath is "a given" - the "economy" is not. We have the ability to re-purpose how the economy operates. I propose the basis be reverence for life.
Repeating, repeatedly "Eye am my breath". Thank you Creator for this experience. Coming to know myself more and more each day. One breath. One love. One family.
The energies I feel swirling around us all are so AWE'some - love rules. One Breath at a time.
I know everything I need to know. One breath. I, and all that exists, Is within.
You already have everything. You're here.
I have written and organized all of this stuff for a reason. I have been at this for 33 years now. And I know that what Desmond Green has shared is life transformative (ask prisoners in Jamaica who are now free).

We share for free, like the breath. This is good, good stuff. It is yours. It will re-introduce you to your truth, you. I will keep sharing until my last breath here. Please accept my heart, it is all I have to share.
No thing or no body can take this opportunity from you. It will happen and it's gonna be good. Get ready. 
Having fears is the evidence that you are completely supported. Enjoy your fears.
Give your doubt a hug.
Eye am my breath works. I have.
I am here for you and I'm glad you're here for me. It wouldn't be complete. Thank you.
Eye am my sweet, conscious, loving, one breath of absolute abundance now, pulsating, vibrating, and spiraling into exponential potentials forever.

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