Monday, August 25, 2014

Internal Communication (real, bio-feedback)

I have been repeating the mantra (Eye Am My Breath) a lot, even in my sleep. Desmond said we have to do the work to get bliss (Joseph Campbell "follow your bliss"). Breath Consciousness is the Seal to the "head gasket" to get the power flowing like in a car engine.

This comparison made me think of the extent of attention that has gone into engineering things in this world. Such exacting concerns to make machines, technologies, computers, etc. But then people have not done the same with their own consciousness, their own spiritual development.

A theme for me for some time is "I have to get my consciousness in shape, in the proper stage for effective creation" - like getting the horse before the cart.

Focusing outside of ourselves cannot give adequate feedback from the external.

The external operates with ideas, words, systems like the economy, scarcity, war, disease - it has created the stimuli for our bio-feedback system but we have become de-sensitized to its communication, our feelings.

Our collective culture, at least in the US, laments death and yet people are not really valued, the systems are killing us off but wanting us to just be dramatic and think/feel we are just victims of unseen or controllable effects - the hypocrisy is pretty blatant.

An individual can't get her/his guidance from an outside interpretation. Spiritual evolution is a process of becoming aware and sensitive to the feeling feedback. However if there is too much mental noise and system disharmony then it can be difficult to glean the messages/guidance.

The Practice is the ultimate guide for Self Awareness to become conditioned to the internal bio-mechanisms that guide.

The only ultimate given is the breath. It is the only unknowable, knowable, truth. With it all other givens, experiences are given and supported and sustained.

Macro systems like the economy, government, church, etc., etc. are only pushing people inside - the strife and lack of purchase and dependability put a person on dicey, unstable footing.

Pushing us inside to the eternal truth and sustainability of the breath.

This is our awakening. Digesting the image based creations one breath at a time.

So, the process is actually physical/biological. We are Breathing ourselves into the new consciousness, not thinking ourselves to it. And, it is happening to us, by us, for us - but we can accelerate, or facilitate by our conscious participation. This now is the proper use of our attention, to use the tools at our disposal, such as:

Mantras, such as - "Eye Am My Breath" (any combination, Trust Your Breath has an abundance of phrases, anything that centers you in your breath)

Deep Breathing, play with your breath, conscious breathing (notice, pay attention to it)

New Languaging - becoming aware of what we are saying, to ourselves, to the world and about it (including other selves) - see Trust Your Breath

Contemplations, appreciations - catalog things to be grateful for

Nature connections, observations - nature abounds in the perfection of what supports everything. Nature IS without the questioning or doubt. Observing and experiencing nature reminds us of what supports us too.

Experience processing, engagings - we learn from our experiences, from reviewing, from processing or "digesting" them

Sharing, giving, gifting

Active loving (non-judgment, gratitude for all, especially One Breath) see Love Transcends

The only thing to know - One Breath.

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