Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Breath. One Love. One Family.

EndlessOne Global (E1G) is about creating the system for free exchange. The "money" people will tend to get you bogged down into details. The conversation will digress and get lost. E1G does all that the existing system was intended to be utilized for but the point is to get to the "added value" - the benefits and rewards in order to provide the opportunities that so many of us enjoy, to the people and places that have been left out of the current exchange systems. The systems that we have been using work fine, it is just they are not "current" for the whole. They have been "apparently" serving a few special interests.

In a body, like the world human family, which is intimately connected to the material world, you must have adequate circulation. E1G is about getting this economic system and $ circulation to all parts of our collective body. The system works great, we just have to open up the channels to allow flow to parts of our body that have been cut off or left out. The basis for this must be on things like compassion, fairness, openness and love.

"We're all in this together."

But this realization doesn't fully come to be known until one discovers this within each of us. When we connect with who and what we are., through our own process and experience, then we will fully appreciate the statement.

One Breath. One Love. One Family.

Many great teachers have said the same thing in no so many words.

Jesus said "Do unto others as you would have done to you."

This is not a suggestion, or recommendation, a piece of advice or order. It is a statement of how creation works. A statement about the One.

What you do to anything, yourself, or others, you do to it all.

"Love God with all your being." and "Love your neighbor as yourself." (see Realization of Self Love)

In this world, at this time, the loving oneself has been alluded and deluded. Without appreciation of self there can be no appreciation of others or the whole.

People try to resist One Breath. The intellect tries to maintain its duality tyranny. But even the tool of the brain will have to let go and accept the fact that without the first step, our own breath, nothing is accomplished. Logic too must accept this one fact.

Carl Jung said "What you resist, persists."

And while we continue to try to dance around with our experiences, stories, feelings, dramas - the breath, our breath, your breath - persists.

Patiently, lovingly, abundantly supporting you to create whatever you express.

So, the question arises, what kind of life experience, world do you want to contribute to, and be part of?

It has been said "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

and you are whole inside another whole that can best be described, in this world as

One Breath. One Love. One Family. One World.

Some time ago I wrote an essay about the concept of refusing to support half of our physical body with the stuff needed for it to continue to thrive, be alive. (see Taking care of the whole person)

"We're all in this together. We have to save ourselves, and each other."

But interestingly there is no "saving" because love, life, our breath already knows what it is doing, and, it is taking us there.

Here are some initial ideas for Our "Remembering"/learning platform

Money = electronic #'s flowing
     free movement
     not stagnant

Education does NOT = indoctrination


Political Ecology - those who are pooling, collecting, hoarding are not "winning" - energy must flow
  - free flowing rivers, energy, love

"When you become like a child you will enter the kingdom."

Children don't know our stories until we convince them that they have to be theirs too. This is how history repeats itself. The subtle "program" that is running with many people in this world we might call "doubt" - essentially a lack of trust that there is an intelligent loving force guiding the progress of all of this.

One Breath. One Love. One Family.

Has been channeled by Desmond Donald Green and Andrew Neil Skadberg

Soon to come, Breath-O-Matics: The Science of One-ness

Typed, verbatim from my journal entry 7/20/2014

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