Monday, May 15, 2017

Dreaming of You

My experiences have led me to discover
That my heart set a path
No prior warning was I given
Yet if I would trust
And follow it's lead
I would be shown
What, I had no idea
As my mind grasps for words
To describe what it is
I cannot write
I could attempt to capture
The essence of a sunset
The tastes I embellished
The journeys I've taken
The stars that I've gazed upon
I've lived a full life
Satisfied at each stage
Each dream I've conceived
And pursued
Each invitation accepted
But nothing in a thousand lifetimes
Could have prepared me for you
The substance you've garnered
The lessons you've shown
As I fall into my own heart
I find You, there -- waiting
It was something I sought
Not knowing fulfillment
For it's essence is sublime
Indescribable, unreachable
With the thoughts in my head
But the dream in my heart
It knew . . . and waited

Happy Mother's Day Sarah

Interestingly, this quote showed up on Facebook
***...follow your heart even if what your heart is calling for does not make sense to your logical mind, for you heart always knows the way to go. It holds the key to realizing the greatest dreams you can ever imagine. - Michael Robbins
***A dream is a wish your heart makes. - Walt Disney

After Desmond talked about tying a knot in order to be able to sew. And then, in the evening Sarah brought Cinderella up for Shiloh, and it turned out the sewing song of the mice and birds were the quote from Walt Disney.

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