Friday, June 9, 2017

Human 2.0 Project - inprinting Reverence for Life

Human 2.0 "Hu"man, undifferentiated galactic beings
  (HU - a song to God)

Initiating the software to free one self from the "image-based" matrix (the mesmerizing of time and numbers) - installing the Reverence for Life protocal

1. The Practice
2. Conscious, Deep, Appreciative Breathing
3. Breath Tapping
4. Digesting the NOW - (the Cosmos is one big Present)
5. Languaging (matras, "spelling" = use of words), Sharings (also see Trust Your Breath)
6. Digesting, processing, owning (all of your experiences, and everything)
7. Connecting to Nature (Hearthing)
8. Acknowledging the magic, signs, synchronicities, connections, coincidences
9. Music magic - ditties, jingles, nursery rhymes, humming
10. Sharing (
11. Communications - (talking to friends, give them a call, answer your phone, leave a message, or better
        yet, meet them for coffee or dinner, but don't let your phone interrupt)
12. Feelings (
13. Work - Reverence for Life, work for Your Self, you work for the world.

"Content is King" - (Kingdom Network)
Innovation in "things" has been the order of the day for some time in the human experience. As I am reading Steve Jobs biography I realize our access and ability to discern information has not evolved. Distractions. The Matrix. Viruses (especially self doubt). Implants have all had a pretty good run. With Human 2.0 we ARE accomplishing a whole-sale "anti-virus" run.

At Reverence for Life University we have created a suite, or portal, to content instills a set of tools, skill-sets, that will allow a person access to "parced" information. Although the currency, or flow, is controlled at some level, there is always freedom - each person can customize, use or not use, or, you can go participate in the "Googled", "YouTubed" versions of the world where there in the appearance of free information, yet everything is being filtered through an advertising and marketing filter - or the user is being lambasted again with "buy and sell this" messages.

Since we ARE biological computers, and no technology has any utility without us, Human 2.0 Project doesn't attempt to "fix" the machine, but installs (IN-PRINTS) a new operating system. This system established the way that people can better create the life experiences that they will enjoy and feel empowered by.

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