Monday, June 26, 2017

Tuning Your Instrument

We are living music
Music playing light, or
Light playing music
Light/Love, Love/Light   (Love = Gravity, Light = Energy) - sounds a lot like E=MC2

Converging people, technologies, experiences
(Don Pierce's Micoy, holographic imaging, Star Trek holodeck, solid combined sound with hologram?)
Hal Putoff, ran remote viewing program for US, is a friend to Greg D.
   More will be revealed about several exciting developments of "new" technologies, connected to our own
    built-in capabilities - for a sample visit Ames Global Summit

My brother Mark's last message, written in a small notebook "I hear music."
My friend Steve, the musician in England has been emphatic about sound being as important as the breath.

As a teenager, I would get this feeling/knowing, "there is something very important in the music."
"Hu" "Om" - toning, humming.

What we are doing is clearing the dust from our instruments, vibrational disharmonies from our bodies as
     living instruments
Cory and Michael's machine, harmonizing the collective vibrational soup (Ames Global Summit)
The conference call between Desmond, Cory and Michael seems to have set up a resonance that this
     message is flowing to me through
My experience in Colombia in 2009, with Archangel Metatron, the Whirling Dervish Dance (Sufi)
Spiraling, pulsating, vibrating movements, flows, drumming (I met Sarah at a drumming circle at Sunset Beach, Rock Island, IL  June 11, 2011)
Our words are notes into the collective symphony
Remembering (Socrates) it seems our cellular memory, the musical tones are awakening reconnecting us

These days when Sarah is with Lincoln, or when I give her a massage, she "sighs", in a very calming beautiful tone, in spite of the energetic challenges that we are facing day to day as this "human reality" that we have been living in appears to be crumbling.

The Human 2.0 Software, appears to be connected to this "harmonizing"
   Clearing the "thoughtmosphere" to allow ourselves to express our music without all of the mental noise
"Noise" - external physical noise is related to our use of "explosive" energy, rather than natural "vortexual" energy, all of the other loud sounds, electricity, Haarp, WiFi, Cell phones, toxins, etc., etc.
"Clearing the Air"

The Practices of the Reverence for Life University help us learn to play our living music. Because Life is an expression of music, and the song will always play. Our efforts need only focus on better expressing our own symphony, our physical bodies are literally living, light, musical instruments of the One Infinite Creator. With The Practic we can improve our ability to play our own living, musical, light score that expresses itself as earth, air, fire, water and ether and is experienced as images, sounds, tastes, textures and smells.

Explanation/description of my experience with this message:

I woke up fully at 2:30 with this theme of "Music and Light". I was very happy, and assured. It felt like I had been given a key. I was very excited and came to Sarah (while she was deep in sleep, I didn't fully wake her) to share with her the simple message of the first two lines of this Sharing.

Now as I type it up, it may not make sense to everyone. However, in my experience there are convergences of people, ideas, books, synchronicities, Spirits, and a vast collapsing of energies, timelines and dimensions that are happening right now.

We all know when we hear a beautiful tune. We can know if we are allowing our Music and Light to play a beautiful song - it will feel good! That is our barometer. Much of our external conditioning, and experiences have not effectively led us to this knowing. However, the bio-feedback we receive is dependable (primarily centered in our tummy/solar plexus/bread basket). It communicates clearly. All we must do is heed it.

So much of what we Share at the Reverence for Life University is to bring us back center with our body's perfection, and ability to show us when we are going off course, from our most satisfying and secure experience. Quieting the mind, or, subduing the intellect and imagination can require diligence. However, the rewards more than outweigh the efforts.

There are a number of Practices at the Reverence for Life University that can assist. Conscious Body Language, Conscious Deep Breathing (pdf), Breath TappingScience of Self Actualization.

The most recent addition is The Human 2.0 Software that was inspired while I was reading Steve Jobs biography.

This particular essay was "downloaded" while I was reading a book that my brother Mark left behind, Bringers of the Dawn: teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

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