Friday, May 14, 2010

Experience - a Poem


The gift of the Divine
a diversity of faces
The collection of places
All feelings, combined
Memories, impressions
Reactions, expressions
The laugh of a babe
The pungency of a glade
Seeing, feeling, noticing, pining
The rapture of love´s embrace
Crying, aching, dancing, singing
Itching, hurting, missing, learning
growing, farting, touching, bleeding
moment to moment each now
is like a symphony, a masterpiece
a treasure combined in perfection, sublime
where my attention goes, appreciation goes
in the gathering, the collection of those
woven notes, threads, joys, breaths
all these events, repercussions, orchestrations
are mine alone
experienced in the solitude of my Being
never once shared in complete
with any other
except One

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