Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Real Opportunity - Time to Change - the Media

I had an idea. Rupert Murdock has organized probably 25,000 media outlets. They are all delivering his messages that highlight conflict. We can see, dream, visualize, believe possible for these to be converted to sending the message of Love. God does the work, we just need to believe. Plant this idea in the minds of many people, make it their desire - like Ghandi did in India.

Like Louise Hay - we don't have to work on the problems themselves just Loving ourselves and the individual problems melt away.

Imagine a world where our world is a beautiful place, our little dreams come true but also where all the institutions are transformed into doing, serving the way intended, or they go away.

Convert Rupert's networks into the Miracle Network sending messages of the Glory of God to the world - eliminating fear and the idea of separation. Use the Internet to deliver useful tools to deliver information to people to help them transform their world.

My Love if you exist, the One. If this love exists. We can change the world! We just need to visualize and believe God that we deserve it. God can do it. Are we deserving? - Yes, can we be passionate about it?

The corporations and military have done the hard work. We just have to believe, visualize and know it is to be received. Here are some random thoughts

- John Lennon’s song “Imagine”.
- We just don't get in the Lime Light, is not about who gets credit.
- We can write short books instead of long books
- get to the point
- Sorry this letter is so long but I didn't have time to write a short one - Twain
- we are inundated with information now we need to start sifting through the haystack to
put ideas to work
- we get lost chasing $
- it's about love not money - where love flows money will follow
- vibrational in nature (radio analogy)
- quantum soup - God's mind
- everything is vibrating, sending signals through the Matrix or the mind of God
- The part where we get stuck is history, allowing, believing we deserve

"There is no place that I would rather be than right here right now as the world wakes up from history" - Jesus Jones

"Waiting for the world to change" - John Mayer

- History has no bearing on the present except contrast, what we do or don't want, but it can be a slippery slope, a trap

Right now the media and institutions, including churches are playing a "shell game" distracting us from the "truth". The truth is Love. Only Love.

We need to wake up, realize that we've been playing a game we don't want to play any more. Walk out of the video arcade. Wake up to the fact that our collective beliefs have created the world we live in. Take responsibility without blame and make the simple decision to change the world. Then ask, believe and then visualize and believe that that
world is. God is waiting.

People might think it will be boring. Why do we think war, famine, disease is not boring?

It's not entertainment but we have made it to be. The Glory of creativity is so phantasmical, so stupendous, so wonderful it is beyond belief. When one, just one of your dreams comes true your imagination will be fired to "create" the world, life of your (our) dreams. God, the universal mind will come to your aid and make that world - if you believe,
know that it can be.

It is really that simple.


There are so many books we can't find the answer. So much stuff on the Internet we can't see the forest for the trees. It is as though we are on a beach looking for a particular grain of sand. The truth is actually "in" any grain of sand, any blade of grass, tree, person, insect, animal, star.

Love is! So let it be. Wake up from the dream and begin to dream the new dream based on the truths of the ages.

There is no right or wrong - there is just One but it expresses itself in the wonder we see in nature and the cosmos, but we somehow believe that we are not part of it, or that we have been forgotten. But we haven't, there's only Love. It is waiting. Patiently, but not so patiently any more. The "bad" dream is going too far. We all have a guardian angel - many call it God - but it is not what you think it is. There is not one way - except through your own heart. You can make up your mind what you believe. That is your divine right. If someone tells you you can't, they are mistaken. The great gift is to Live and Love and we are all making it up as we go along. That is the beauty of it and, it is beautiful! It's supposed to be fun!

Live! Love! Laugh!

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