Monday, June 7, 2010

Never Outside

In one moment, instant, or not
a dream appeared, a thought, an idea
a cosmic creative moment in the mind
of the One
an instantaneous spark of inspiration
Ah Ha! - an exhalation, a breath, an expression
Life, light, energy
something and nothing
in and out
an incredible idea
a word spoken, or not
something seen, or not
thus began our great adventure
an expansion out of one of thought
causal, astral, physical
consciousness imbibed with Spirit
into form, knowing, experience
catapulted, interpenetrated, manifested
myriad uncountable forms
thinking, feeling, creating, wondering
what, why, where, when, how, who
individuated expression ejaculated
into a grand cosmic dance
sometimes forgetting, fearing, killing
suffering, hating, torturing
disease, loneliness, separation
all ideas
expressed as an elaborate experiment
of the one source
but nothing, absolutely nothing
can exist, express, create, breathe
outside of the one substance, matrix, field
not one quark, atom, molecule, god, universe
can exist outside
for even one nanosecond
allways, moment to moment
All That Is sustained
loved, fed, nurtured, guided
for eternity
Why are we afraid?

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