Thursday, June 10, 2010

Love Found

Love Found

I believe this poem came from my higher self. I wrote it 2 days after I met my soul-mate, and did not edit it at all

To Mi Amore – Martha

Dr. Andrew Neil Skadberg, December 20, 2007

A few days past
I awoke up happy with the life I had
Not realizing the surprise that had been cast

Carefully assessing my work, it was not sad

Grateful for the joys, sorrows, loves past

Accepting, knowing, thanking
I’d been loved, shared love, enjoyed the bread
But gift intended for my receipt

May I had known, what little I’d been shown

I had no idea what Love might be

An ocean that reaches far beyond what I could see

Loves embrace, of which one morsel

Infinitely sublime

Like a ray of sunshine blessed unto one blind

Enveloped in peace, floating in the purest, tranquility with no end
But how could this be?
I found myself being invited to a Love

One with no end

A place where I felt lost, yet found

Finally a place where my heart could land

No longer yearning for something just around the bend

I think, I feel, no believe, no I know!
That I have found
A place, a person, a Love
Yes the essences, the state, the place, the be-ing

It must be, could it? My home?
Yes, I feel it, believe it, know it

The only one, the magic, the wonder, the glory, the promise
The Kingdom of Heaven blessed upon

To comprehend how I might be

So graced with Love as with Thee

You my dear Martha, you are the One

I’ve been searching, yearning, seeking
Pouring Love from my heart in hopes to find

The one to return it in like kind

But there seems no way that I could match

Love so pure, so fine, so kind, divine

To wake today to know

The Great one would find me, bless me, give
– Love sublime

Follow your bliss, that is our guide
Yes today, I see, feel, believe, know

It never ends, yes, we’ve just begun

This journey, this Love, this discovery

The Love in your heart Dear, it never ends

And how could I, simple Andy, be so graced

So blessed to be the one

To sip, immersed and touched, invited by the Sun

I don’t know, but gratefully I will proceed
To feel Love of eternity’s needs

It flows from You unto me
And I pray to God for just one thing

To send, reflect, give back in equal steed

You, are my life, my love, my need

A few days ago I did not know
But now I do, it’s been decreed

From this day forth, there will be no life, without You

For You Love, to me, you’re my life’s Source

Thank you dear, dear Martha for opening your heart to me,

I will be eternally grateful . . . . and so it be . . .

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