Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I will be happy when?

June 13, 2010

I will be happy when,
some tragic past event comes undone?
When I get the job that I have dreamed about?
Conditioned happiness is a guarantee for unhappiness,
This state of mind is one lacking gratitude
For God´s love
That pours down and sustains us
Always, All ways,
When we sit in judgment of what is,
Dissatisfied with the condition of our lives.
And even those around us, or what happens in the world.
We are missing the point.
Our greatest fear is not being loved.
But we are loved.
By the only Being that is important.
And all the conditions of the world,
Are as they are, exactly as supposed.
all is in perfect order.
And yet in our tiny minds,
all is in disorder.
When will I allow myself to be happy?
When will all of the things and aspects of my life
be situated in a way where I will be at peace?
When I make up my mind to be grateful.
for all of the gifts I have been given.
My life, my experiences, the ones I love, the beauty of the world,
But especially the love of God.
That can work through me clearly.
When I am open to the channel.
Because the flow is always present.
Whether I believe, feel, or know it.
It is all that sustains me.
There is no other way.
So, today I make a commitment.
To let this love flow.
To be a beacon, a lighthouse to the world.
To shine the truth of God´s love.
I promise to be happy now.
And to be grateful for what I have.
No conditions have to change.
Except for as they are Now.
And so it be . . . eternally.

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