Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wake Up America!

Last night and today I just got a little fed up with all of my friends moaning, bickering, missing the point of the Gulf situation on Facebook.

I had posted a link about the media "black out", and a person who has been making the most noise gave a very elaborate explanation about why they have to "control the situation", blah, blah, blah. I dreamed last night that I have to begin to speak up with what I have learned.

Usually my voice when I write is very kind and aims to the highest energies/vibrations, but the voice on this one is more direct. It just typed out of me so I suspect it is not fully of my origin.

By no means is this directed to anyone here at Unity. I just felt is was a powerful summation, the most concise to date, about what I have experienced and learned from my powerful prayer request some two years ago. I believe this is the kind of thing that all Americans must face. How far we have let "our country" get out of our control. After I sent the message I contemplated that this is like throwing some folks a "life line". They are so far out of any clarity about what is really going on, but there just isn´t that much time left. Hmmm, I just got an idea pop in my head that the movie "Titanic" may be a metaphor for what we are dealing with.

Anyway, I just share this to share.

Posted as a comment to a discussion at Facebook

The American people are great (as are all salt of the earth peoples), if you think it is the American people who have been representing our country overseas you are not well informed at all. There actions have had devastating effects in ways that we cannot imagine. Our government has not been in "the peoples" hands since FDR was president. In order ... Ver más to change paradigms and get out of this model of government and corporations run amok, we have to wake up and see the Truth.

I did this in the last couple years. I prayed earnestly, really seriously for knowing what was going on in the world, why things were they way they are, and what was happening. What I discovered was shocking, maddening, and incredible, but it explained so many things that were previously not explained. After the initial shock and then coming to understand more of what and who we are did I begin to understand that it is not about getting all caught up in the drama and trauma, but to ACT and make the new world that we envision. We are not just blobs of protoplasm here on this paradise world. We are very, powerful beings who are using our energies for trivial and counterproductive purposes - essentially bringing on our own demise. Our potentials, if learned about and comprehended are almost limitless.

Our energies affect everything that we experience. How far from the vision of Jesus have we gotten? We are responsible. It is up to us to change, if that is what we desire. But nothing is going to change if we keep playing the same game. We have been coerced, cheated, stolen from by a small group of elite, that have wanted to create their "new world order" - just look at the one dollar bill. Believe it or not it is an instrument of magic. That is why it´s design has not changed (it is the foundational instrument) since it was implemented in 1928 by the Federal Reserve Bank, which is an illegal corporation, as is the IRS and Washington DC. None of these things were supposed to exist from the Constitution, but it too was designed by a bunch of rich white guys who thought the people were sheep. This model did not originate in the U.S. it comes out of a system that very likely goes back to Rome or Babylon, but has been brought to a real art in recent European history. There are credible academic studies that look into this if you will take the time to look.

The interesting thing when I heard Frank Zappa´s song "I Am The Slime" in 1974, and then I took Mr. Schnieder´s American Gov. class at Ames High, I started to realize. Mr. Schnieder had us read "Common Sense Two" which was a call for a revolution from corporations. If you don´t believe this is a serious issue you need to watch Eisenhower´s (a general) speech when he left office in 1958. It is on Youtube. Now these groups have had 40 years free reign. You actually think you have elected presidents and that our policies are affected by what we want?

There are also a series called Coincidences 911 at YouTube that will just blow your mind. Almost 3 million people have watched these so more of us are beginning to pull their heads out, but we have a long way to go.

The best analogy for our world situation is a drunk hitting his bottom. We are experiencing things that are supposed to bring us together in the Spirit of Love as Jesus was trying to prepare the garden, or we will perish. Those are the signs and experiences that are contained in these accelerating events - financial crisis, natural events. They are not going to diminish. Many of them are not accidents. The level of secrecy in our military, and the amount of money that has been spent (10s of trillions of $) with no oversight has gone way beyond what we could ever imagine.

These beings, it´s hard to call them humans, keep us feeling powerless, and fighting among ourselves, probably even pulling our energies out of us as we stay in states of desperartion, fear, anger, etc.

Our job is to recognize that these feelings are God guiding us away from the thinking and actions that creates this types of feelings. This is the "operating system" that was installed in us that we were never taught about. It´s a program, and it guides us by our feelings, and the resulting experiences are the repercussions. A simple analogy would be like a bell ringing - as we get further from the "correct" actions the bell gets louder. Anybody here the bell ringing?

When we feel happy and peaceful that means we are going in a direction that will serve us and creation. If we feel shitty, then we are headed in the wrong direction. Why we are so confused is because we´ve been watching all of the other people who don´t know this simple fact thinking that is how we learn to live - outside of ourselves. It doesn´t work that way. The programs works from within our own heart. This was, in essence, what Jesus and many other Spiritual teachers were trying to tell us.

It is time to pull our head out of the sand. And begin acting, believing and knowing that we can do this. We are the future of the world and we are making it NOW.


  1. Andy, I love the analogy that the United States may be like a "drunk hitting bottom!" That is an outstanding analogy. Will the oil spill be it, or do we have lower to go?

  2. Hi Karen,
    I think it is actually the entire world, but we are heading the procession.

    I believe all of the events are pushing us towards waking up. I do not think we can have too many more major events, but the ones who want to maintain control are pretty desperate. Although they are small in number they have, in the past, exerted a lot of influence. We just need to utilize the power of love.

    I know that the process is inevitable, the Earth can take care of herself. The question is whether or not us humans, as a collective, are going to make the transition with as little conflict and resistance as possible. I really believe the cosmos is based upon Love, so this process should be simple and smooth. But we have been conditioned in a way that really appears to be at the other end of the spectrum, so it may be a bit of a journey on the return swing of the pendulum.