Thursday, June 10, 2010

One´s Silence

I happened to go back in my journal and came across an entry that I forgot. This was a week I spent communing with the river near my wife´s home town. It has been many years since I spent this kind of quality time in nature.

I believe it is a mystical, powerful place. Called Cajamarca, it sits on a table next to the Anaime river, which I layed, prayed and meditated on a rock in the river during the week of April 1. I think for 4 days of the week.

The town now is the center of a controversy. They have discovered a gold mine, purportedly the second largest in human history. They started exploration but the operation has been shut down because of political controversy.

Cajamarca is a poor, agricultural Colombian town. Myth says it sits on four pillars of Gold. The area is expected to have an earthquake - imminently. In the last quarter year there has been 300 tremors. Some say that the fate of the world is connected to the mountain. My wife had a very distinct dream with a message. I don´t know. I just report what is coming to my heart, and what words I try to share about the Wonder and Love I have for God, creation, Gaia and humanity.

Here were the words that came to me from the river.

April 1, 2010

The One is silent and still but all sound and movement are sourced from the One.

God does not talk but has many messengers.

How do I reach that quiet pure potential of God within me? How do I reach that pool of still "Being" where all this manifests from? How can I get past "thought" which is the curtain I must pull aside to view the sea of the One? Where all love and All That Is utilizes to take form. Patience. Quiet. Stillness. Breathing. Listen with your heart and being not just your head, but it might come in that way. Listen to the light, the birds, your own sounds. Listen to others. Wait.

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