Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trust yourSelf

each one of us

is a guide

a perfect source of one-ness

never a failing moment

does it provide

inspiration in every torment
a quiet stillness does reside

a peace and guidance from within

it will speak truth in every din

a still small voice
trained, instructed in perfect choice
this channel, this spirit
is not apart
it transects, intersperses, all transits

all molecules, galaxies from the start

this was your original gift from the One

from it evolves, creates, expresses all you´ve become

this spark, this star from God is yours alone

and it is what will bring you home

so trust it, find it, make the choice

for from it, by it, comes your true voice

it is connected to All That Is
and with its direction you will never miss

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