Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Unconditional Love - and a Flow of Thoughts

Last night I had continual dreams about unconditional love. This morning I decided to start to put some thoughts down about this. I let the stream of ideas flow and captured it in this blog. It may not make much sense to others. The point is to get to the bottom of things. To get a simple description of what we are doing here. A refinement of ideas to get the point.

Recently one of our children experienced the prejudices of the world. They made a choice to "experience", which created a cascade of events that had them questioning themselves. It´s a convoluted soap opera kind of thing, and really kind of funny how other people feel they have a right, based on religious or cultural influences, to impose their beliefs, issues or prejudices on others.

The other day I posted a blog with 10 items, a short list, of things that I have learned that have moved me toward a simple straightforward realization of how to live in harmony and balance.

As Tom and I discussed, I know it is not the simplest.

I know that the message somehow comes down to love. But not that it either.

Love as most people believe is totally wrong. We place conditions on our love. If you do this, I will love you. Maybe not in words but in deeds.

We really don´t understand love. It is not anyone´s fault. Fault finding always has to go back to blaming Source and that is ridiculous. Things have just come around this way.

This morning I thought. What if God shut off the love for even an instant. The whole cosmos would likely start to wobble and then fly apart. Who knows.

And it is not just love, because there has to be some rules that govern. What are those rules, at their most simplest form.

And why have we gotten so lost, so incapable of expressing the love that is exibited in nature, by the sun, by the trees? They have no expectations. And what is the purpose of us going through this process of having this "skewed love"? It does serve some grand purpose. Is it simply a really involved process of us learning about "pure love"? If we didn´t experience like this would we not "really get it"?

I want to know the answers to these questions. I know I am so close to an understanding, that at least will bide my time in this context, of this world, this "reality".

But so many of these ideas lie just beyond my mental grasp today.

Here are thoughts on the basis:

un-conditional love
laws that hold the universe together
is it impossible for my mind to grasp?
does it have something to do with it being more of a feeling place?
How can I bring myself around to move toward this true unconditional love?

I know it relates to the Golden Law, but there is a catch there, it isn´t for selfish ends.
Is it a matter of expressing the Divine nature of our basic make-up, even at the atomic level?

The atoms do their job, they don´t expect anything in return. We don´t have to "pay them back" - but we do have to provide the basis building blocks for their sustenance? Or do we? Is this all a "thought reality".

What about the people who are called "breatharians", or the guy who supposed lives on sunshine?

Why have we created the macro systems to be so skewed? We "supposedly" have to pay for everything? Why did we make it like this? What is the lesson? As we become aware of this as not being the "Truth", it doesn´t have to be this way, how do we extract ourselves from the "system"? Are we supposed to revolt? Are we supposed to act like it doesn´t exist? Are we supposed to pretend? Or is it really an illusion, and as soon as we really understand and see it for what it is, will it dissolve? But every day the sense reality bombards us with "survival".

What is that about "survival"? The truth is, at our most basic levels, and in the most profoundest ways we are being supported in ways that we can´t comprehend.

What is it that I have to do to cross this bridge of understanding? I want to have clarity on this. I want to share an understanding with others.

Is it related to what Desmond has realized "That we are physical Spirit"?

Does it have something to do with "Truth"?

Is it connected to this deep set "feeling" of separation from Source? - even though 99.9% of the evidence shows us that we are swimming in the sea of support - eternally connected to whatever created and sustains all of this that we experience.

- Experience- Spirit- physical- feelings- thoughts- love, but not only love, there must be something else, or is it just that we have confused, misinterpreted what Love is. - nature shows us- the stars, and cosmos show us- our molecules and organs show us- why has our mind gotten so confused, there is a purpose to this process?

It is like I have stated before that we had to go far down to the oposite end of the scale, or spectrum, to come bouncing back with momentum, in order that we would really get the message - to really feel it?

Do we ever really understand anything until we "feel" it?

Well I took a break for breakfast. And discussed these ideas with my wife. . .

We are really silly creatures. We give up the relationships with the ones we love because we cannot understand what motivates the other. Trying to press our beliefs on them, using all kinds of emotionally charged methods. It´s really a silly game. But the ones who tend to play it the most don´t even realize they are playing a game. They think it is real.

I had a realization as I washed the dishes. The One, God, Source just wants to return the love back. If we can find amplifiers in our relations with other people all the better. Our job is to clear the channel. A simple analogy of electricity works very well. Wires cause resistance. The electricity cannot flow without the two poles. We are, through our thoughts and experiences to make the least resistant means of returning the love energy back to Source.

Ironically, our thoughts, beliefs and errant feelings are the actual resistance, but we have to use our thinking to discover the resistance, and then remove them. Now our feelings are actually the program that tells us the level of resistance that is taking place. But most of us didn´t know that. But now we are awakening to the fact.

I also realized it is like AC current - when we are in a relationship the flow of energy goes back and forth. On and off. 1´s and 0´s, like computers. Like waves in the ocean. Like our molecules zapping back and forth from this universe to the void, or another universe.

We can be individual amplifiers too. We have a dual aspect to ourselves too.

Hmmm, well. This was a pretty long blog for today. I think I will give it a rest.
All the best,Andy

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