Saturday, August 21, 2010

Settling for the Best

The great thing about making up my mind
Is to realize what there is to find
The immensity and the wonder
Beyond what we consider blunder
That is ours, free for the taking
Of this there is no mistaking
That the gifts that are blessed upon
You, me, all of them are way beyond
What previously my thoughts allowed
But in recognition of what´s been bestowed
Through the organ of consciousness
The integration of your blessedness
The administration faculties of bliss
That if you allow yourself a glimpse
Of just a tiny portion of what is here to assist
You in this adjustment, this time of change
That there are energies far beyond the range
of what your thoughts, dreams and emotions
Previously limited in-kind by your devotions
Now, simply open up
So easy, it´s really enough
A flow of light
Bandwidths of eternal might
Sharing, Expressing, Cascading, Expanding
To re-alize, re-congnize, you are just the One
And all of this, as crazy as it seems, can just boil down to fun.

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