Saturday, August 14, 2010

Your Promise

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice
For All That Is, Is
And so are You
The Grandest Dream
The Purest Vision
The Deepest Pain
Is Now Yours and Forever
To experience the knowing, the feelings
To see the sublime, the nature
The All That Is and is not
And to know, feel, experience
That this Is, is nothing
in the total, the One-ness, the Love
that brings this forth, and dissolves it
and also creates the field for these actions
these creations to ebb and flow, to breathe, to Be
Oh Spectacular One Why Me?
How could I be so blessed to see
To feel this rapture, this Love?
Oh My God!!
To know that what I experience in this
flesh, so exquisite, so tortuous, so real
is as a grain of sand in all the worlds
in all the cosmos, in infinite universes
this is what I know, and what I
don´t know will be mine too
because that is Your promise
for me to return, to You
And be Born Again in Eternity
Thank You!!!!

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