Sunday, April 17, 2016

The River Flows

Each person is where they're at
One needs only to be grateful for that
To leave the role of judge of all that takes place
And enter equanimity
Balance in appreciating this grand melodrama called the "human experience"
All lessons, all challenges, all movement
An expression of grace
Laid out upon the measuring stick called time
Is only a continual flows of "nows"
Experienced within a context created for reference, for interpretation, for Sharing
But the temptation, challenge, opportunity presented in this design
is to reference back to one moment - the present
To finally let go, of resistance of control, of force
And allow the flow of life to fulfill
The direction
Which has always gone on
I was allowed the opportunity to think
And with that came my illusion, of self control
But the whole time I was
generating my abilities to push
the river
The River Flowed.

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