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Mission and Progression of Decision to Re-Create the World-

As I have been delving into this opportunity, after Ryan Leslie essentially said "Andy, pour out your heart and soul" - I feel it might be important to present the progression of my "Mission" - and why I have done all of this work. The following links are not comprehensive to any degree, but they do show a progression of motivation to accomplish what I feel to be my destiny. And I am honored to have an opportunity to Share all of this stuff that has been sitting on my computer, or on the Web with nobody looking at it.

The links below sum up the process of processing my being given this Assignment, I guess by God, to create all of this stuff and will help to organize, integrate and share. Here is the mission statement that I finally wrote in 2007, which posted on my personal profile page. Andy Skadberg - Eye Am Sharing

Here is the explicit statement I wrote in 2007 -

The Decision

In the last few months I have had the great fortune to come in contact with some very wise and powerful beings. Here is a message I shared with one of them when he alluded to the fact that I had a very strong motivation to make the world a better place for my kids, and all children. I have made the statement for years that I believed our future is dependent on the children, however, I believe it is my job (realized much more clearly in the last year) to try to leave them with some tools to work with based on my time here on Gaia. In my work I refer to this concept as building a bridge from the current socio-economic paradigms of the existing world, to the world that I believe Spirit is ushering in in the near future, and this relates to humanity ascension associated with 2012.

Here is the message that I sent to my friend.

Dear Don, (not his real name)
How did you know, about my kids and my desire to change the world? Here is a quote from my father's memorial/tribute:

About 1 ½ year ago I found myself getting tremendously sad at the thought of  y children facing the “age of enlightenment” – when the reality of the problems of the world start pressing down on them. I found myself slipping into that dreaded state of desperate resignation – what could I possibly do to make it better?- the problems seem insurmountable. . . . but then a thought came to me about what I could do about it. What I realized is that I can try to change the world. I don’t care if people think it’s grandiose or pompous to think or believe this. Either way it will be better. . . if I make a difference, great!

If I don’t, at least I died trying. I think both Mom and Dad did that in their lives. Then on 10/1/07 I wrote this in my journal - I remember where I was when these thoughts came to me:

Realized that the reason things haven't changed in the world is that no one has just simply made the decision to change them in a big way (e.g. Mother Theresa, Norman Borlaug, Mahatma Ghandi, MLK).

- I Am making that decision and working towards a common sense set of solutions.
- We have the tools and the necessary resources, we just need to "make it happen"! (my cousin Keith coined this term in the
- God Help Me?!
- I can do this. The reason I have the desire is because this is what I am supposed to do - I see this vision with clarity because the
   time has come to solve problems (today I would say seize the opportunity).
- We will draw the necessary resources to get this done. Don't focus on what might go wrong, only focus on success. We are
   proceeding in a CERTAIN way.
The time has come.

Some appropriate quotes from Law of Success by Paramahansa Yogananda:
“And your work can only be called a “success” when in some way it benefits your fellowman” (p.6).
“Tune yourself with the creative power of Spirit. You will be in contact with the Infinite Intelligence that is able to guide you and solve all problems. Power from the dynamic Source of your being will flow uninterruptedly so that you will be able to perform in any sphere of activity.

You should sit in silence before deciding about any important matter, asking the Father for His blessings. Then behind your power is God’s power; behind your mind, His mind, behind your will, His will. When God is working with you, you cannot fail; every faculty you possess will increase in power. When you do your work with the thought of serving God, you receive his blessings. . . .So long as you work to please God, all cosmic forces will harmoniously assist you (p. 34).

Spiritual Mission/Vision statement
To be a Conscious instrument of "Eye AM" for peace, Love and harmony by serving others and the planet utilizing ego-less awareness, Conscious Deep Breathing, sharing my insights and knowledge with integrity and honesty through open communication using the channels of Learn/Teach and Teach/Learn via Love/Light - Light/Love.

My Mission - to serve in pragmatic, Earthly terms:
To be of Service to Others and make a Positive impact in the world, with an ultimate aim to contribute to world peace and an evolution of Human-kind. The ways that I will fulfill my mission is by:

- Each day strive to be the best "Andy" that I can be.

- Always believe in expanding "possibilities".
- Work to expand people's awareness of our relationship to the
    natural world.
- In pragmatic and tangible ways create opportunities for people
    to experience the out-of-doors and the company of other people
    through experiential tourism.
- Discovering and empowering the potential of technologies to
    facilitate these opportunities.

The second statement is more “pragmatic” mission and fits into a more mundane and traditional world view. From what I have learned in the last three years, is that our knowledge of who and what we are as “humans” is way too limited. To that end, I have expanded my mission statement to include this new understanding of who and what I TRULY am. Below is the current Mission Statement posted at I Am Sharing as a result of three years of intensive spiritual work. The foundation of this philosophy is the discovery of the Law of One.

My Burning Bush, experience, I suspect is where the seed was planted for this work. Not long after I had entered the PhD program at Southwest Texas State University to begin work with the Center for Nature and Heritage Tourism

Progression of Decision Mission Statement

Marvin Skadberg's passing and Sharing at memorial

Writing of Statement in Journal in fall of 2007

Typing, Editing and Compiling of "When Love Guides Your Thoughts" a treatise on how to think, and a new thinking program. Solution to what Albert Schweitzer shared in response to the question "What is wrong with the world?" His response "Men don't think."

Compiling I Am Sharing Book, first digital, self-published book about my life and experiences.

Love Transcends - most powerful automatic writing

Writing of self-published, digital book "Vision: We ARE Re-Creating the World - a Resource Manual "tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness."

Trail Blazing - a Prayer

HOME Communities - a precursor to having any knowledge to the New Earth Project. An automatic writing.

2011 World Proclamation for Emancipation - a personal statement of sovereignty

The Breath Way - Transmuting the goals of the "old world order"

I Have A Vision

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