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New Earth Academy of Wellness

New Earth Academy of Wellness
The New Earth Project environment supports the maintenance of peak health through proper diet & nutrition, movement & exercise, conscious intent and conducive living environments. Organic food grown with the same conscious intent to heal; seeds which have been stored in biological capacitors before planting; structured, vortex treated water for drinking and food production; New Earth Architecture homes; EMF elimination technologies; the support of a world-class network of experts in human well-being; the embodiment of a joyous and playful attitude - these factors, and many more, serve to create such an environment. 

Residents of New Earth Communities can also benefit from free use of the clinics and rejuvenation services provided by the network of New Earth Retreats.

Additionally, the New Earth Institute is launching as the Planetary Hub for wisdom-keeping, knowledge sharing, and trans-cultural exchange.The New Earth Academy of Wellness intends to provide the most exciting, fun and transformative wellness, healing information and services and to link to nature-based experiences through our Retreats and Wellness centers located throughout our New Earth Nation global network.

Additionally the NE Academy of Wellness brings together a network of visionary and pioneering individuals, institutions, practitioners and experience providers: each serving to advance consciousness and human wellness and health through the highest quality healing modalities and experiences possible. This will all be accomplished within the goals of sustainable development for the betterment of the quality of life for all people and Earth.

Unlike any wellness educational resource ever before presented, the New Earth  Academy of Wellness is a living, organic platform which mirrors the inherent dynamic and changing nature of all life, thereby providing a framework for collaboration to create the most effective, accessible, instructive, transformative and empowering digital resource on Earth. Like a living ecosystem, we will be adapting to the new opportunities that avail themselves to us, as we dedicate ourselves to the idea of One Love, and our opportunity to "be the change we want to be in the world".
Introduction - background of Wellness
Like many industries such as medicine, tourism and science in general, the wellness industry has been highly segmented, fragmented, specialized and compartmentalized. Similar to the medical industry, this has resulted in the creation of symptoms to be treated in order to generate profits to expand an industry that has been leading much of humanity away from wellness, or wholeness. Just like there are innumerable ways to cut a pie, we could segment the human, health and wellness experience into a vast number of parts and label them and present treatments and solutions.

We feel it better to return to wholeness and quality of life. Once a person becomes centered in their own health, wellness, wholeness and connectedness to all of life - enjoying and experiencing the varieties of wellness opportunities becomes more like partaking of the variety of dishes at a smorgasbord buffet.

New Earth is experiencing tremendous growth and we aim to make available all of the wonderful affiliations and opportunities presenting themselves, even daily. Our aim is to inspire the Consciousness of Oneness, or that "we are all in this together." To know and experience this as individuals is necessary before it can be realized for our collective human family.

Simplicity - Wholeness - Oneness
So, our initial presentation of Wellness is only our best approximation and interpretation of how the wellness experience relates to the human-being in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dynamic. Our aim, like the overall New Earth Institute, is on the side of simplicity. There is more than ample complexity in the world today, and we believe a move towards Oneness, or Unity Consciousness, must be a conscious, deliberate movement toward simplicity.

Additionally, each New Earth property will have its own unique set of treatments, modalities and experiences based on the unique characteristics of these places. This is the true beauty and wonder of diversity, personality and creativity. Our modus operandi might be summed up in these ideas:
Enjoy, Partake, Share, Encourage, Evolve.

Your body is truly Your Temple, and this concept is shared with no judgment.

Your experience is yours to create. Your life in its totality, including your physical body, is your living art, your sculpture, your masterpiece.

Unity in Diversity 
And, New Earth aims to present a variety of arts and sciences, melding new with ancient wisdom, to assist each person to discover their Divinity and to live the life of their dreams, and to live it to the fullest. The Wellness Industry as a whole has been experiencing huge growth in the last decade. This has resulted in expansion of areas of modalities which has fragmented, what we feel, should be a wholeness industry.

We do not bemoan these developments, but see that further fragmentation, separation and exclusion will only lead us further from the Truth of Oneness. So, as the common acronym K.I.S.S. suggests, we are "Keeping It Simple Sweetheart"!!!

Initial Wellness Interpretation
Our Wellness Academy is being grouped into the following areas. However, like the tourism industry, the various modalities of wellness, exercise, medicine and treatment can be summed up in one word "experience". Each New Earth property will feature a unique, wholistic, experience mix. This will be a creation growing from the locality combined with the authenticity and personality of the peoples providing the services and places where we will be integrating New Earth Retreats. Here are our Founding Wellness Categories - as they relate to our human conceptualized experience.

Conscious Sexuality

These seven areas are designed as supporting categories from the two primary principles which everything of the New Earth Wellness and Experience streams.

Breath - without the Breath, there is no life.
Heart - the Heart, where the green-ray energy of Unity Consciousness, is where Love is emanating, creating the New Earth.

As mentioned, each New Earth Wellness center will offer its own unique set of wellness opportunities. Likely there will evolve a universal set of principles as the New Earth Project grows and develops. Here, however, is our preliminary emphasis as our initial "combo pack for the most instant/impactful transformational healing" at New Earth Project launch.

The Breath
Naturopathic medicine
Sacred plant medicines

The New Earth Health & Wellness Portal
For our initial launch we are providing a preview of coming information and recommendations.

Welcome to The New Earth Health & Wellness portal! We’re delighted you’re here! We believe that vibrant health is a core human right. For far too long, corporations and institutions entrusted to serve humanity served their own financial interests instead, relegating humanity to the desperate health straits we see today. We’re here to tell you there is a way back to vibrant health, even in the face of a heart-crushing diagnosis like cancer, even if you are advanced in years, even if you have been living with chronic diseases that you have been told are incurable or require lifelong medication.

The knowledge offered here is based on natural, universal laws that have been available to mankind but have just been drowned out by the frenzy of misinformation created by factions vying for your resources, feeding on fear, enriching themselves on people's disease. That time is coming to an end; the Natural, Universal laws are once again shining through, offering anyone who genuinely seeks them, a fresh, enlightened way to care for themselves. We have developed this comprehensive health and wellness area to illuminate the path for you. 

As with every category represented in the New Earth Academy of Wellness Portal, the guidance we share here is designed to support your highest personal expression and personal sovereignty -- in this case, absolute freedom and power to be physically vital and sound. Your health sovereignty is as essential as your legal sovereignty. They are part of the same core ideal and essential to your freedom, in the fullest sense.

How to use the health & wellness portal:
We are creating a  knowledge base, starting with understanding the New Earth Health & Wellness philosophy below. It is recommended that you follow the suggestions if this is your first visit.

Familiarize yourself with the New Earth Health philosophy:
Our health philosophy is based on Life’s original, immutable laws. We do not claim to have created a new approach to healing. We have simply synced-up with Nature’s healing power and processes to develop an efficacious set of principles and practices that can put your healing back where it belongs – in your hands!

With reverence to the infinite wisdom of these laws, we have developed dietary guidelines and spotlighted healing tools and modalities that work in perfect synergy with these laws, supporting the restoration of the body to its innate perfection.

Surely the laws that sustain the universe and life on earth can sustain you! The foundation of Natural law enables us see straight through to the true cause of illnesses and to decipher the best healing modalities to employ for the various symptoms that may be presenting in your body. Once you learn Nature’s simple language and laws, you too will be able to identify and rectify your own imbalances. Soon, You will be able to expedite your own healing without turning to an outside source.

Ten key insights about the human body

Insight #1: The human body is electro-magnetic by nature, sustained by Source energy (sometimes called, life-force, Qi, prana or primal fire). A healthy body conducts life-force abundantly through all its systems. A symptomatic, diseased body, by contrast, has developed blocks that prevent the conductivity of this life-force. The degree to which the life force is blocked and prevented from flowing optimally in the system is the degree to which the individual will experience symptoms.

What this means in real terms to you is that you are more than just flesh and blood. Beneath your flesh and blood, at a subatomic level, is an electromagnetic network designed to conduct electromagnetic energy. When there are blockages in your body, the conductivity of that energy is prevented, diminishing your life experience and manifesting in your physical body and emotions as symptoms. The majority of your symptoms/illness are caused by obstruction from substances that your body could not properly assimilate or eliminate. These retained substances take up residence in your body, creating occlusions where there should be free flowing pathways in the cells and tissues as well as in the electromagnetic network (known in Chinese Medicine as the “meridians” and “nadis”). Your symptoms are the body’s way of telling you that there is a blockage that needs to be cleared. In this way, you can consider the symptoms to be an alarm bell alerting you to blockages that you can then undertake to clear. You’re going to see how you can remove these blockages with your diet and several useful healing tools. We will help you make the dietary adjustments and show you how to use the necessary tools to remove these blockages.

Insight #2: Like the cosmos, the body is a unified field that includes many sub-fields. You have an emotional/feeling body, a physical body, a mental body, a spiritual body, etc. Each field affects the other in an interdependent relationship.

What this means to you is that if you are not aligned well in one field -- such as in your emotional field -- you will likely have a symptom in another field. For example, you might overeat out of emotional imbalance, resulting in unfavorable physical symptoms like excess weight or diabetes, heart disease or asthma. The good news for you is that as you rectify an imbalance in one field, you will find the corresponding fields will rebalance too! We will help you do this so you can enjoy balance in all your fields!

Insight #3: There is one distinct cause of physical pain (which also happens to be the cause of pain in all fields of your being): separation from the interconnected network of life. There are two causes of this separation 

1) a blockage in an area of one or more of the fields preventing the conductivity of the energy that runs through the network of life, and
2) what we call “the broken threads.” The broken threads refer to the places between the individual and the interconnected network of life that have lost connection. Imagine a scissors is taken to a network of threads. When this occurs, the integrity of the unit is lost. Broken threads and blockages are both the result “separation consciousness.” Separation consciousness is a way of perceiving whereby one believes that he is separate from the larger expression of life and other living things and so it doesn’t matter if blockages develop or if threads are cut. One lives for one’s self in separation consciousness. While this is the most common way of perceiving today, it is a mis-perception. We are no more separate from the living network than a cell in your body is separate from you, nor any less subject to the whole or dependent of the whole.

What this means to is that the common belief systems today that have us living in separation consciousness are have resulted in people's physical disintegration. When a person begins to see through the lense of unity consciousness instead, they will gain immediate knowledge of how living systems work, what distresses them and how they can rapidly heal.

Insight #4: When our field is clear and consciously operating within the larger unified-field-of-life, the body experiences a visceral vibration that feels like a blissful hum. In this state, also known as “nirvana,” your needs and desires are amply met by the bliss you experience within.

What this means to you is once again the big S-word: SOVEREIGNTY! As people move toward real wellness, they will experience a lessening of the desire for things outside of their being. Imagine not being compelled to consume, shop or seek out relationships as a way of appeasing yourself. The outside things no longer have such a strong hold; and people will enter  a “free-will” zone. Just because a person might not feel that hum immediately, doesn’t mean it’s not an experience the human body was designed to have when operating at optimum wellness. The hum will come! And our aim is to help bring it about!

Insight #5: The body has a distinct language: pleasure and pain. Pleasure tells us we are in flow. Pain is an alarm bell warning us that flow has been compromised. Alarm bells (a.k.a “symptoms”), are actually our body's friends as they indicate where change in self-care is needed. Ignored alarm bells only sound off more loudly as opposition to life force in the body increases. By contrast, symptoms (or “alarm bells” if you prefer) reduce and are exchanged for feelings of pleasure when a person is on the right track. The body always makes it known when we are living in harmony with it’s laws and when we are not.

What this means to you is that you can start to use your body’s language to determine when you serving the body and when you are doing it a disservice. Your body loves to communicate with you -- more than that it loves to be understood and responded to!

Insight #6: The body also communicates in the form of addiction. Addiction tells us something truly remarkable, namely where rogue entities are feeding and taking over. It is only possible to become addicted to acidic substances, not to alkaline substances. Pathogens need acidic substances to survive. Therefore, addiction warns us that we are moving out of our sovereignty and are instead empowering rogue life forms every time we partake in the substances we’re addicted to.

What this means to you is that when you consume things you’re addicted to, you are feeding the rogue entities’ pleasures even more than your own. You are giving the mold, bacteria, yeast and parasites what sustains them, not what sustains you.

In fact the two are in utter opposition to one another. Once this is realized it should be much easier to refrain from consuming those substances. When a person realizes they are giving the power to direct their consumption and turning over the wellbeing of their body to these rogue entities, they’ll likely not be so quick to give into the sugary, starchy items, alcohol, coffee and other things pathogens love.

Insight #7: Pathogens in the forms of rogue bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus and parasites are on the rise in the modern body because of the increasingly acidic terrain created by modern foods, drugs, acidic water, acidic air and microwave radiation.

What this means to us is that these rogue entities are destroying the integrity of our bodies and which are the harbingers of cancer. The only way to reclaim our bodies from pathogenic demise is to alkalinize through life-generating substances, (especially juicing leafy greens and grasses and oxygenation -- see New Earth Nutrition), to enable the terrain to rehabilitate and to eliminate pathogens that are not compliant with rehabilitation, using plant based remedies. Our recommendations will help people accomplish that!

Insight #8: Microwave radiation is assaulting our energy field, our brains and the integrity of our cells and tissues. This radiation is everywhere you find wireless service. It is also found in abundance around smart meters.

What this means to us is that symptoms and diseases are increasing due to the way this radiation destroys the integrity of our cells, causing cancer, infertility (in both men and women), brain diseases, mood disorders and weakening eyesight among many other devastating physical effects. It’s critical to do whatever you can to neutralize this radiation as much as possible by adopting the most life-generating diet lifestyle possible, including getting plenty of sleep in non-radiation areas and utilizing supplemental tools that prove helpful to decreasing the effects of radiation.

It’s important to register this key issue as we ponder our health today. It is more important than ever that we know how to off-set this problem, neutralizing it with our full tool-box of tools .

Insight #9: Our bodies have unlimited potential for health and longevity when our cells, tissues and pathways are open and unencumbered by blockages.

What this means for us is that if we undertake the health protocols on this site, specifically for diet and cleansing, we can start to remove the blockages that are limiting our well-being and prevent adding future accumulation. The more we can create an internal system free of blockages, the more we will experience this unlimited health potential first hand!

Insight #10: Our bodies are designed to flow. Our pathways, cells, tissues and even bones are meant to be in consistent conductivity.

What this means to us is that the more we do to support this, such as remaining flexible and agile through yoga, dance and play, the more we will remain in the flow of abundant life. If this flow is not maintained, calcification will set in triggering the deterioration cycle. Open clear, flexible bodies support our highest functions as humans – while not a prerequisite in every single case, clean celled, prana-flowing bodies are overwhelmingly the precursor to perpetual joy, effortless love for all life and unbridled creative inspiration. So go out and play!

Enjoy New Earth Nutrition!
Now that you have been introduced to these important health insights, let’s consider what kind of a diet supports this electro-magnetic human design best. Please note that we have an extensive Q&A section soon to answer the myriad questions that naturally come up in this discussion. So if you get stuck, we encourage you to find clarity there.

What kind of diet will support our flow, prevent blockages, dissolve past, accumulated blockages, rehabilitate pathogen loaded internal terrain, turn painful symptoms into pleasurable nirvana and promote flow? One that is full of foods that offer the body plentiful quantities of life force and other supportive nutrients but does not create blockages in the body. In today’s world such truly healthful foods are not as easy to come by as they were when the earth was pure, the soil rich and methods of procuring foods simple and grounded.

Sadly, we cannot look to original mankind’s diet to determine what we should be eating today since, such foods in our time are not clean and life generating as they were previously, nor are our bodies. The plants are different and the animals and their milk are different. We must take all of this into consideration in determining what kind of diet best supports us today.

While research tells us that ancient man lived and thrived eating mostly off the fruits of land with small amounts of animal meat and milk (more or less, depending on the climate and terrain), we cannot simply look to ancient peoples to determine what food is best for us to eat as some diet theorists like the “paleo” promoters would suggest. Its a little more complicated than that circa 2014. The fact is that we are not original man and we are not living on original earth. Modern man has two strikes against it, speaking purely physically: compromised DNA from a lineage of many generations living out of alignment (also causing degenerated organ function) and a highly acidic environment. The food supply also has many strikes against it: meat is no longer pure (with the rarest exceptions), fish are not pristine and fruits and vegetables which are mostly hybrids are by and large grown improperly in de-mineralized soil, picked prematurely, often irradiated and then transported in crates in air-conditioned trucks for days or weeks until they are all but completely devitalized before they reach our plate. In these times, much of our food is not nutritious and a considerable amout that won’t actually harm us. So what we need to look for in order to design the ideal diet for us today is two-fold. The first is to ensure we are not eating foods that will harm us and the second is to identify the foods that are truly life-generating today. The former list is extensive so it is far easier to start with the life-generators, to focus on what we foods we would be well served by and then just omit the rest.

Determining the foods that serve us is also two-fold in that we are looking for foods that will both support a critical cleansing process that needs to occur in order to remove the blockages that prevent our electromagnetic bodies from conducting the force that truly feeds it -- the qi, life force -- and also deliver such life force to us simultaneously. There is a name for these special foods that offer this two-fold benefit. They are the “life-generators.” We will refer to them as such throughout.

Provided they are harmoniously procured (meaning without pesticides, not genetically modified and grown and picked correctly) all water containing plant foods fall into this ideal “life-generating” category.

Water-containing plant foods deliver life force, nutrients and oxygen without compromising our flow. Water-containing plant foods includes all unadulterated (meaning non-dehydrated and un-cooked), fresh-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables and young coconuts, and mothers milk for babies). These are the perfect foods for mankind. The degree to which we take in non-water-containing plant foods is the degree to which we will begin accumulating blockages in our system, preventing the free flow of life force. Other foods may be enjoyed if tempered with this understanding.

In today’s world, a vegetable centric diet is the most universally beneficial and conducive to healing. Vegetable-centric simply means that vegetables, (ideally mostly raw and organic but also cooked) would make up 80-90% of the diet. If it were not for the addictions people have to be gently weaned-off and the pleasures they may seek in other foods, vegetables (including avocados and coconuts) could be 100% of the diet. They provide all the nutrition the evolving human body needs.

Why are vegetables the cornerstone?

Today’s fruits, fleshes, dairy and grains have all been greatly compromised by modern agricultural and animal raising and, even under the best conditions where they are properly cultivated, they leave an acidic ash and accumulation in the body.

We do not need these accessory foods to be optimally nourished. In fact, the opposite is true, they undermine our optimal health and vitality.

Fruits are the only exception to this. They are not accessory foods. They are original foods, part of our original design and perfect for “original mankind.” However, as they have been hugely hybridized and modified over the last century to contain far too much sugar, most people have too many pathogens, waste and gas pressure to heal well with fruits at this juncture; sadly, for many people, especially those diagnosed with cancer, fruits should not be consumed. This will change as people get healthier and the fruit they eat is locally, organically grown and picked ripe.

New Earth Nutrition
1. The meaning and importance of alkaline diet
2. The Awaken & release technique for deep tissue cleansing
3. The story of how waste and toxins accumulation in the system
4. Good food combining
5. The effective cleansing process
6. The undermining effects of acidic water, vaccines, “health food” that isn’t, etc.

A gentle transition…
We appreciate that everyone has a different set of circumstances, different health goals, different tastes, a different lifestyle, budget and so on. We simply offer information and a lovely transitional bridge to help you start healing even with just the smallest adjustments that you are ready to incorporate. Slow and steady works best for some and flying leaps work better for others. We encourage you to walk the transition bridge with reverence to where you have come from, where you are now and where your spirit is leading you. We applaud you no matter how fast or how slow you decide to go. The transition-bridge provides a gentle way of moving towards a more water-containing plant based diet, with full appreciation of your previous diet-lifestyle and emotional connections to perhaps less-than-ideal foods.

In addition, those who have particularly compromised lineage will do best if they transition slowly. The more compromised your lineage and diet history, the slower your transition must be.

If you’re gonna do it, do it consciously…
Consciousness is key. Even if you decide to continue to consume less desirable substances, we suggest that you are better off for being fully conscious of it. This way, you are making a free-will choice rather than a hypnotized choice. It’s okay to do something consciously – knowing full well the price the body and mind may have to pay as a result. It’s not okay to do things unconsciously, unaware of the price, deflecting your personal responsibility. When you are conscious, you are taking full responsibility – a vital quality of the sovereign man/woman.

And, Oh the confusion!
The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar business so once again, we must see how the information we have been given is greatly manipulated to keep us on the proverbial hook. With the rare exception, all have been gimmicks. The news media, FDA, AMA, fashion magazines and celebrities alike have been churning out conflicting, confusing information about what is the perfect diet.

Understandably, you may be very confused. Most certainly, you have a set of programs embedded in your mind around this subject. It is not our place to tell you what is right for you or to override these programs. It is instead for us to share what we know about the ideal diet for man/woman today and why we feel it is true, illuminating the subject matter so you can come to your own conclusions. Should what we share resonate with you, great.

Should it spark an interest to consider it more deeply and do your own research, wonderful.

Start with Green juice!

from The Extremely Green Detox Guidebook, 2013.
1. Greens are the quintessential primordial food -- when you juice greens you are drinking synthesized sunlight, the source of life in our cosmos.
2. Green juice magnetizes the old waste from deep in the cells and tissues for release, one of two essential steps for real detoxification.
3. The life-force of the plant is in the liquid. You cannot get the same result from powdered greens, no matter how nutrient packed they are.
4. One glass of green juice has the life force, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids of several pounds of greens.
5. There is no digestion needed -- the value and qualities of the green juice go straight to the cellular level like an intravenous injection.
6. Green juice helps to re-mineralize the teeth and bones, which we often forget are living tissue and can be strengthened given the chance.
7. Green juice will help neutralize acidic substances we consume or are exposed to in our environment.
8. If coated the following day in green juice, the alkaline substance will help prevent acidic foods from sticking in the intestinal tissue as it would do otherwise. This is why green juice is not optional if there is any acidity in the diet.
9. Green juice is the color of the heart chakra (LOVE) and carries the frequency of all that applies to every cell it reaches, elevating the body to a more loving state with every sip.
10. Green juice contains organic water, one of the purest sources of water we have in today’s world where so much of our water supply has been contaminated.

Bonus: Wheatgrass contains 12 amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids (ones that we don’t make but have to take in) making it a complete protein source

Food for thought: A clean-celled body can synthesize this life-force brimming food into whatever the body requires. Enjoy the abundant variety of organic, water-containing foods you are drawn to with the confidence that your body will extract what is needed and use that life force and it’s properties to regenerate absolutely anything that’s required (especially if it is grown on our land as the seeds will know us). This frees us from the protein, calcium and supplement myths.

However, wherever life-force can be delivered in concentrated amounts such as in green vegetable juice or oxygen-therapy, you will give your body much more to work with.

Below find some of the initial healing and wellness modalities that we envision apart of the New Earth Academy of Wellness

Natural organic skin care

We all know “ you are what you eat,” but it is also important to nourish your body from the outside.

 Everything we put in and on our Bodies must be safe and nutritious!  Our skin is the largest of our organs and has several different functions to keep our bodies healthy and vital. ·        

Your skin protects your immune system from bacteria and disease
- it helps to regulate your body’s temperature
- keeps your essential body fluids (blood, water and lymph) from evaporating

- protects body tissues and organs against injuries

- the nerves in your skin also help your brain respond to sensations of hot and cold and tells you that your body has been touchedt protects you from wind and absorbs beautiful sunlight

- and most important of all in our times, it protects you from environmental pollution, toxins and free radicals!

Nothing is so attractive as radiant, clear, fresh skin. The color, texture and softness of it are the most important elements of beauty. Because we absorb not just nutrients though our skin, in fact since our skin absorbs over 50% of what is placed on it, we should take every precaution necessary to reduce the risk that toxins will enter our body systems.

Influenced by mother nature, natural organic healing ingredients to cleanse, moisturize and nourish, leaving the skin fresh, clear and revitalized are a perfect fit. Powerful antioxidants neutralize free radicals, vitamins and minerals feed your our body from the outside which diminish skin damage, resulting in more radiant, youthful and healthy skin.

There are many High quality natural organic skin care products and pure remedies that are cruelty free (not tested on animals), 100% food grade and have multi-purposes such as used for cuts, burns, scars, skin infection, dry cracked skin, as a detox aid just to name few. These special product lines are formulated without parabens, preservatives, gmo’s, artificial colors or flavors, gluten or soy and contain just the purest organic or wild harvested ingredients and are made with love and mindfulness! 

Remember “your body is the temple of your soul”!

“To nourish your body from the inside and outside is feeding your soul with love!” – Isabell Mirbach, massage therapist and natural skin care expert

Yoga is an ancient Indian science. It was first mentioned in connection with Ayurveda in the almost 5000 years old writing, the “Vedas“.  Yoga“ is a Sanskrit word and is often translated as “union“ or “connection“ – it is an ancient practice of self-discovery, uniting the body, mind and spirit to find peace and contentment.

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are vast. From the reduction of stress to strengthening of the muscles, improvement of posture and the immune system as well as teaching us more awareness of ourselves,. With Yoga we learn to breathe better, move more consciously and relax more deeply!

Hatha-Yoga ( the physical types of yoga)
Ha means „sun“, Tha means „moon“. The mixture and balance of these two opposing energy qualities are the essence of physical yoga. A balance of Ha and Tha results in a harmonious whole. Life-force is called prana in yoga. Asanas (precise physical postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) cleanse the nadis, (the energetic channels of the body). Focus on a complete and steady breath encourage the energy (prana) to move freely and blockages are cleared. The accumulation of more prana gives us a clear peaceful mind, a healthy body and opens up our soul for the cosmic loving energy.

Practising yoga helps us to reach a serene state of mind. When the mind is clear of tension and worry, concentration improves, awareness increases; we are able to focus better and make better decisions. We develop the ability to remain calm in difficult moment.

Massage or “the Art of Touch”
Massage is one of the oldest healing traditions. Many different cultures – including the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, Japanese and Chinese – were convinced of the therapeutic properties of massage and used it to treat a variety of conditions or just to maintain well-being.

One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and an improvement of the overall wellbeing.

Some of the physical benefits of massage are:
- Reduction of muscle tension, blockages and stress hormones
- Improvement of circulation
- Stimulation of the lymphatic-flow
- Increased joint mobility and flexibility
- Improvement in skin tone
- Reduction or elimination of pain
- Improvement of immune system functions
- Reduction of depression and anxiety
- Increasing body awareness

The appreciation for the power of touch
Massage is an intensive experience physically and emotionally and each of the therapists/healers brings their unique touch into the treatment, which makes every massage an adventure. Some of the most popular ancient healing art of massage are: Thai Massage, Balinese Massage, Ayurveda, Acupressure, Reflexology, Aroma Massage and Lomi Lomi.

Thai Massage
Originating from a North Indian doctor “Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha” who is still being honored in Thailand as the father of medicine, a fountain of knowledge in the areas of herbal therapy, mineral therapy and physical therapy, contemporary to the Buddha. His teachings spread to Thailand with the advent of Buddhism. Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha is the founder of Nuad Phaen Boran (Traditional Thai massage), becoming thus the Teacher of all Nuad practitioners. This holistic massage style combines yoga stretches, acupressure, rhythmic massage and gentle twisting to relieve muscle- and joint tension and increase flexibility and free-flowing energy. The bodywork is often performed on the floor and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement.

Traditionally there are two main styles of Thai Massage: Northern (Chiang-Mai) and Southern (Bangkok) style. The Chiang-Mai style is considered gentler and has become popular in the western countries as the Bangkok style is faster and sometimes more intense but widespread in Thailand.

Thai Massage is much more than what is typically considered massage in the West! The true practice of the art of healing in traditional “Nuad Boran” is the compassionate intent of the healer. The Buddhist spiritual practices associated with Thai Massage cultivate humility, awareness, and concentration in the healer designed to bring the practitioner to a deeper level of awareness and loving kindness.

Traditional Balinese Massage
Bali, the island of the gods: The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or spiritual world, called niskala. Both of these elements are addressed in their healing techniques. The rich Balinese culture includes a wealth of information on herbal remedies, massage and energy healing. All of this ancient wisdom we find in the Traditional Balinese Massage.

A gentle massage of slow, long flowing strokes, skin rolling and pressure point application is used in this deeply relaxing massage  to relieve stress, tension and improve circulation. The use of super-nourishing virgin coconut oil suitable for all skin types and the help of aromatic essential oils gets absorbed through the skin and carried around the body to stimulate our immune system and energy flow.

Has been practiced for over 5,000 years and originates from India. The “mother of all healing therapies“ is considered to be the basis for all natural medicine. „Ayur” means „life“ and „Veda” means “knowledge” - Ayurveda provides the knowledge needed to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. The body is considered to be the “temple of the soul”and it’s well-being is essential for mental growth and self-development.

Ayurveda defines three different energies, the so-called Doshas: Vata(ether&air), Pitta(fire&water), Kapha(earth&water). The key to well-being is keeping these three energies in balance and at one with the five elements of creation (earth, fire, sky, water and air). Ayurveda uses almost all healing modalities including yoga, aroma therapy, meditation, herbalism, nutrition, astrology and so on in treating a patient holistically. Acupressure 

Dental Health
One of our early affiliates is presenting an alternative to traditional to commonly practiced dentristry. Here is a short summary followed by a link to a more complete discussion.
*Alkaline diet is greatest protection against demineralization of the teeth (tooth decay)
*Tooth is bone, so acidic system leaches alkalinity from teeth
*Cavities are caused by acidity on the tooth or in the body at large and bacteria (which is acidic by nature and generates acidic bi-products
*Healthy saliva is alkaline and buffers acidity but if there is plaque the saliva has a hard time getting where it is needed.
*Plaque + sugar + bacteria = cavities/demineralization
*Rate of destruction from acidity, sugar and bacteria exceeds rate of repair of mineralization by the saliva
*Tiny channels in the teeth and gums send and receive chemicals between mouth and the internal organs, blood and intestine
*Carbonic gas in the body impacts the integrity of the teeth
*Mainstream dentistry can harm the teeth as well as the blood chemistry
*The mouth is an eliminative organ/waste removal
*The fluoride myth
*Much to be attributed to lineage -- presumably the major reason for malformation and the current need for braces and palate expanders. Crammed teeth caused by Eastern/Western European lineage (photos by Weston Price, indigenous people had beautiful straight, white teeth).

Enlightened Dentistry for the New Earth Nation

What are you doing each day for Your Health and Happiness?
It Matters!


Conscious Deep Breathing (CDB)
10 minutes morning and evening
Breathe through a wide open mouth. Fill the lungs to capacity. Hold for the count of ten then slowly and easily let the breath out. During this practice let your mind rest in a peaceful place alone with nature.
Results - There will be less stress build-up and things around you will seem to move easier.
Self Talk
Use five minutes each morning and evening after CDB exercise for your self talk. Think of and list all your positive qualities. Begin to describe ourself in self-affirming tones. Fake it till you feel it.
Results - You will begin to build a positive ID, replacing all non-productive core beliefs.
Healthy Nutrition
Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices. Proper combination is important and uses less energy for the digestive process. 1. Combine fruit or vegetable with starches 2. Combine protein (fish, seafood, chicken, turkey etc.) with vegetables. Consume less sodas, greasy foods, salt, sweets, junk foods. Drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day is recommended).
Results - You will feel an immediate increase in your energy and performance levels. Eliminates hyperactivity.
Develop a regular exercise pattern, morning or evening. This routine should be at least 30 minutes. Walking, running, jogging, weight training, dancing, aerobics, push-ups are all great.
Results - An immediate sense of emotional well-being, mental clarity, an increase in energy and performance levels. For those who want to lose weight - exercise is a great fat burner.
Unconditional Self Acceptance
Ties in with all the above.
Results - You will begin to make better life choices and reap their productive benefits.
Use 15 minutes per day to dream and affirm your grandest potential. Do not permit any doubts to encroach on these sessions.
Results - Life will begin to bring opportunities your way. Inner peace and prosperity.
A Spirit of Generosity
Make giving a habit. You always have something to give or to share - time, goodwill, love etc.
Results - Immediate increases in prosperity and well-being.
Trust is a vital element of our daily practice. It is by accepting ourselves and the rest of our universe as our only reality and support. Learning to trust yourself completely gives you the foundation to stand and interact with the rest of life from a position of strength.
By trusting ourselves implicitly we establish the basis from which all of our needs are met.

Practice With A Purpose. Many practitioners worry about whether their practices - such as Deep Conscious Breathing, Self Talk, or Nutrition – can really make a difference in their lives. What we encourage is to fake it until it manifests. Life is all about pre-tending – tending things before they happen. Your first step is to identify a valid purpose for creating a new model of increased self-awareness. If you cannot identify why and for whom you are creating this new model then why are you bothering to work on it AT all? With increased respect for your life, you develop increased respect for all lives.

Your project stakeholder is SELF and you are investing time and energy in self to meet the desires of self. You deserve to have optimum results and you will if you give it your best shot. The amount of time you spend on The Practice will be the exact equivalent of the benefits you reap as you go along.

The Practice must become a life-long companion tool kit. Whenever you drop it, you will also forfeit its benefits of prosperity and goodwill.
Everything you create, and see its benefits, will need to be maintained over time through The Practice.

You will need to consider the impact of these changes on your life and then act accordingly. If you decide to keep these new models then you clearly have less work to perform to support the same changes, making you more agile because you are a happier traveler.

Communication within your team (group of friends or supporters) will be important especially in the early days of building the new awareness. Writing down your thoughts, your goals and your successes will give you something to look back on in difficult times.

Rapid Feedback. The time between an action and the feedback on that action varies according to the individual and the strength of his or her convictions, beliefs and practices. Spend time to analyze results, or to tweak your unique practice to meet your own needs. Identify even small changes in the process.

Assume Simplicity.
As you develop you should assume that the simplest solution is the best solution. Don't over intellectualize, don’t criticize yourself. Keep your mind on your goals.

Embrace Change.
Requirements evolve over time. Changes that may take place as you develop your new self-awareness might not always feel comfortable but trust that they will always be for the best in the long run.
Example: You might lose a job that was causing you a lot of stress. However, if you stay true to The Practice and your goals, you will find that other more suitable opportunities open to you, reflecting changes in response to your new selfawareness.

Incremental Change.
An important concept to understand with respect to modeling the true YOU, is that you don't need to get it right the first time. Dig in the ground, practice, practice, practice and evolve it over time in an incremental manner.

Quality Practices.
You reap what you sow.

Prosperity through self awareness is Your Primary Goal.
Any activity that does not directly contribute to this goal should be questioned and avoided if it cannot be justified in this light. Factors that you need to consider include your selection of friends, the places you frequent, and the nature of your effort itself.

The Practice cannot fail
. In short, when you are working on your new model you need to keep an eye on inner goals.

Some negative beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and practices have been adopted over time through extreme programming and life experiences, which in turn must be supplanted by positive daily practices. These practices will in time set new beliefs resulting in positive behavior patterns.

Open and honest communication enables people to make better decisions because the quality of the information that they are basing them on is experiential and more accurate.

Earth or Nature Time – “Grounding”
In Addition to The Practice, connecting to the Earth (grounding) is crucial to good health. There are many benefits to spending time in nature and connecting physically to the earth. There are numerous videos on Youtube that describe the benefits of “grounding”.

Additionally, in the area of nature experiences and working for nature we have written a number of items longer than we can fit on one page. The Earth is Our Mother, whether we believe it or not.

The information that is coming through many sources shows us that we are connected and affected by light much more than most people have previously known. Many resist or might be un-interested, but if we want to experience health and happiness it is necessary to do something. Learn about your body. Learn about your connection to Earth. Connect and spend time in nature, it will pay handsomely towards improved quality of life.

Academy of Wellness and the Environment
Our Academy of Wellness already has amazing affiliations that by themselves make our job so easy, except to adequately re-present for the fullness of their offerings.

As a preview of coming attractions, here is a preliminary presentation of the main areas of health and wellness, as it has been emerging in the global marketplace. Our New Earth Academy of Wellness will feature modalities and the best practitioners in all of these areas. Our intentions is to cover the entire gamut of potential experiences, but also to ensure the highest quality of experience.Various New Earth wellness centers will feature their own unique mix of offerings.

Preliminarily a standard template for the New Earth Academy of Wellness with include the following elements, integrated in the various healing and wellness modalities that will be provided to our guests and residents.

Holistic Approach:
• Integrative model: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
• Integrative Medicine
• Nutritional programs
• Fitness/Body movement programs
• Spa Rejuvenation Treatments
• Spiritual programs
• Healing Arts program
• Prevention and education

Peer Review Board:
• Assessment criteria and review
• Collaboration between practitioners of all healing traditions
• Collaboration between allopathic and alternative healing modalities

Place as Healer:
• Meditation gardens
• Connection to natural spaces
• Vibrant beauty
• Feeling of freedom/opportunity
• Sense – this is the way the world could be/is
• Sense of community and belonging – of “coming home”, village community
• Inspiration/surprise – discovery
• Appreciation of a place and its natural; order/elegance – respect
• Sense of fit – appropriate
• Relationship
• Sense of drama

Built environment qualities/features:
• Support processes visibly integrated – not hidden
• Facilities/recommendations blend into landscape
• Privacy of individual accommodations
• Naturally secluded/protected
• Potential for build-out without major obstacles (village)
• Appropriate scale

Natural Environment of Site – feature/qualities of the land

• Diversity/character
• Views
• Natural peacefulness/stillness
• Sacredness
• Climate encourages/supports outdoor experience and year round use

Embodying a sense of peace, power and place, Sanctuary Communities will:
• Integrate the culture and environment within aesthetically pleasing, pristine locations around the world
• Offer a rich mix of innovative and elegant facilities and amenities that provide opportunities for self discovery
• Incorporate architecture and design that complement the landscape and cultural milieu
• Enable guests to partake and enjoy authentic cultural, geographic and historic experiences
• Inspire guests to view their lives and the lives of others through “new” eyes

Multidimensional programs to include:
• Wellness, Spiritual and Cultural Experience
• Holistic spas programs
• Nature Walks
• Water therapy
• Meditation gardens
• Wilderness Hikes
• Grotto soaking pools
• Nature preserves
• Biodynamic orchards and vegetable gardens
• Learning centers

A few other links and pdf documents

Household Products

New Earth Retreat Core Experience as presented by Children of the Sun

New Earth Web team: Publications are linked to this page

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