Monday, December 19, 2005

How to Create your own Retreat within the New Earth

The New Earth Blueprint avails itself to all peoples as a means by which they may mutually cooperate in manifesting the world of prosperity, harmony and abundance which the human family is beginning now to collectively envision at this critical juncture.

Whether a landowner or otherwise, New Earth invites everyone who resonates with the spirit and intent of the Blueprint to create their own communities within the New Earth. 

For those who do wish to develop their own Retreats and also wish to be an integral part of the New Earth family, certain guidelines needfully apply to the use of the New Earth Blueprint, and thus the structure and operation of those Communities, in order to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of New Earth as the planetary touchstone for conscious evolution.

The New Earth Blueprint is a benchmark, not a rigid structure - all participants of New Earth are completely free to explore their creativity in advancing the Blueprint and creating infinite expressions of ideal conscious retreats. Where desired the turnkey templates avail themselves to those wishing to develop their own retreats.

By observing with the following guidelines, landowners and other developers of New Earth Retreats may, subject to approval by the New Earth Trust, benefit from:

·    use of the New Earth Retreat brand.
·    advice and support of New Earth’s vast planetary network of world-leading experts in creating, maintaining and operating the Retreat.
·    the fruits of New Earth Retreats central marketing operations.
·    use of New Earth Retreats central bookings facilities.
·    access to detailed working drawings of New Earth Architecture structures.
·    access to New Earth Architects to design bespoke Retreat solutions.
·    free access to New Earth Institute resources.
·    the appointment of one or more of New Earth’s world-leading healers and physicians to host a permanent clinic and/or academy at the Retreat, if desired.
·    access to the New Earth Projects suite of advanced technologies with the option to purchase available technologies at a cost price.
·    any other benefit which Retreat is capable and desirous of receiving, and which the New Earth Trust is capable and desirous of providing.

Whilst no one is expressly forbidden from utilizing any part of the New Earth Blueprint to develop a Retreat in any way they choose, anyone who does so will not be eligible to receive any of the aforementioned benefits, unless they observe the following guidelines:

·   New Earth Trust Administration is notified of the proposed Retreat ahead of actual development.
·        The bundle of rights to the land on which the Community is situate are transferred to the Earth Sanctuary Trust or otherwise appropriately held on trust in a manner which grants appropriate authority to the New Earth Trustees and Earth Sanctuary Trustees to act in any way to ensure the continuity of unhindered use, and protection of rights, of those whom from time to time use the land or dwell thereon.
·    Designs and layouts are approved by the New Earth Design Team
·        The Retreat operates a philanthropic profit sharing model whereby 20% of all profits are donated to the New Earth Trust to facilitate the global expansion of New Earth.
·   10% of gross revenues from the operation of the Retreat are distributed to New Earth Retreats to pay for all central functions and global marketing.
·        The Retreat makes provision for the development of a New Earth Institute, to a design provided by the New Earth Trust, which is operated in accordance with the wishes of the New Earth Council (as duly appointed by the global family of New Earth residents and participants).
·        The Retreat avails itself to, and participates in, the greater New Earth Community to the extent that any other New Earth Retreat does.
·   The Retreat is developed, and maintains its operations, in alignment with the form, function and true spirit of the New Earth Blueprint.

The process

·        Prior to commencing development, the landowner or retreat developer will submit their proposal/vision statement/implementation plans to New Earth Retreats.
·        New Earth Retreats approves the Retreat as being suitably aligned with the spirit and intent of the New Earth Blueprint. Where it is not, or where there are omissions or concerns, New Earth Retreats will make recommendations and suggestions to create a full alignment.
·        Where there is agreement and intent to proceed, a dedicated New Earth Retreat Coordinator will be appointed to the project by New Earth Retreats who will work with the Retreat to coordinate all aspects of that which is required to facilitate the fulfilment of the guidelines above.
·        Once approved by the Retreat Coordinator the Retreat will exist as part of the New Earth family like any other New Earth Retreat receiving the same protection, networks and services as any other New Earth Retreat.
·        The Retreat Coordinator will continue to work with the Retreat to ensure continuing alignment for the benefit of all.

These guidelines and processes will continually evolve as New Earth and it conscious participants continue themselves to remain open to this evolutionary process. 

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