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The New Earth Institute - Concise

Welcome to the New Earth Institute

The New Earth Institute is launching as the Planetary Hub for wisdom-keeping, knowledge sharing, and trans-cultural exchange.

The Institute brings together a network of visionary and pioneering individuals and institutions to nest within ‘academies’, (???) each serving to advance consciousness and sustainable development for the betterment of people and the planet.

Most importantly, it seeks to dynamically bypass controlled academia and media manipulated disinformation, which has polluted and defiled true learning and knowledge sharing in our Age. (Andy's personal note:, I would prefer not to bring this "concept" of "disinformation & pollution" into our first introduction.  To truly release the old stories, we must decide to stop repeating them - this is just my position) Unlike any educational resource ever before presented, the New Earth Institute is a living, organic platform which mirrors the inherent dynamic and changing nature of all life, thereby providing a framework for collaboration to create the most effective, accessible, instructive, transformative and empowering digital resource on Earth.
Emphasizing the Individual and the Global
Our educational mission is to create a new teach/learn, learn/teach model that will provide essential content aimed to empower individuals to recognize their divinity and sovereignty. We will provide a series of courses to assist them in a variety of ways for success in their lives, their community, and the world.

The Internet is our most powerful tool for the delivery of valuable educational content to help people achieve their personal and collective goals. Our learning institution will create a collaborative network that will provide ongoing support and connections to like-minded people and organizations, while providing access to a variety of (programs and tools........can you think of 1 word to capture this??)..
Mission: To awaken people to their Heart, which will lead them to a compassionate understanding of the sacredness of all life. 

The beauty of our courses and programs is that the desired teachings are inevitable. By presenting the aligned information at the proper time, students will arrive at the desired understanding on their own, since it cannot be interpreted any other way.

Our Goal: To empower all so they may be awakened to an appreciation of the sacredness of all life, and can then make better decisions independently from others.  
Vision: To create a community network of sovereign beings, starting with a virtual Institute, connected to the creation of holistic, sustainable communities. This model will be adapted to the unique contexts of New Earth Communities around the world.

Guiding principles:
- Respect life (Reverence for Life – Sacredness of Life)
- Learn to BE in, and participate with, a recursive exchange of Love, based on spiritual principles
- Learn from nature whenever possible instead of inside classrooms
- Build a bridge between the wisdom of the ages and the harmonic messages of in-streaming consciousness
- Practices and learning will be converted into actions
- Foundational actions: Breathing, fun, connection, collaboration, sharing, harmony
- Non-competitive, cooperative

A primary component of the New Earth Institute is the Web portal, which will be the access point to the collaborative network and practical experiential educational programs. A fully integrated virtual university and online business system will be operating as a globally networked system.
Here is a conceptual mock-up of the New Earth Institute.

Insert diagram here - Greg, I guess someone has created a snapshot of this interface, or

By Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D.

- As one is in oneself, is how one relates to all of life.

- Essentially the model of "education" put forward by the New Earth Institute is the process to discover who you are, not who, or what, you have been told you are.

Education (learning, re-membering as Socrates espoused), and being a human-being is really a function of how one relates to one-self and then to the various scales, or groups (e.g. family, business, community) she/he is affiliated with. (see Success Across Scales).

When one comes into harmony with oneself then relations can flow in natural order as one sees in nature. Currently human consciousness is in an evolutionary step which is discordant, and there is nothing wrong with this. Thinking as a means of being has run its course and each Being will face the crossroads whether to go with the flow of life, the breath, or not. But, ultimately, we are all going where the river of life is taking us, and it is good - It Is HOME.

Global, Comprehensive and Designed for Everyone
The New Earth Institute will include topics in many areas of human endeavor. And the NE Institute will provide access to those tools, information, concepts and innovations, but maybe more importantly, it will be a portal for each person to discover one-self, to delve into their experience, and re-emerge into a new relation to all of life.

Of course you are free to choose your own path as you are sovereign, but our experience and all evidence points to the truth that Breath Consciousness (being aware and appreciative) is the first step that happens in life. After that, and the installation of Reverence for Life has occurred, any second or subsequent step will be in alignment with life, which is the foundation upon which the New Earth will be realized.

The New Earth Project and its affiliated properties are not a collection of islands of sanity and harmony in a stormy world sea. It is the establishment of a new consciousness centered in Oneness (Love, Life, Breath) emanating from a group of Human-Beings who have tapped into the knowing of Unity Consciousness and are coming together in the Spirit of Love and Sharing.

A New Way the New Earth
Spending 2-4 years, in many cases many more, to acquire a piece of paper (degree) that supposedly validates you is one aspect of the human experience that has led many to this place of seeking the New Earth.
YOU ARE ALREADY VALID AND SUPPORTED BY ALL THE LOVE THAT EXISTS IN THE COSMOS, AS WE ALL ARE. This truth is realized with the proof that you are here, breathing, and thus able to experience the rest of this fantastic multi-dimensional experience we call life. You matriculated into your sovereign, divinely ordained human experience when you took your first breath.

The New Earth Institute then aims to re-introduce you to your - Self. The best place to start is with our first course The Practice (Desmond D. Green). In thirty-two years of spiritual/truth seeking, The Practice is the best tool, or exercise, that I have found which will lead a person to begin to become aware of all the con-fusion, and disharmony they experience in any given day.

Of course your Practice is Yours. It is the portal through which you will find your own special exercise and emphases, but it is a necessary step to get a handle on what has been happening moment to moment and how a person has been operating in the world, and day to day.

Of course you can do what you want, but I strongly encourage to start with Step One, for at least two important reasons 1) it works, and 2) it's FREE!!!!
Complexity has become a major expression of the human "thinking" paradigm and experience. As Albert Einstein stated "We cannot solve the problems with the thinking we used when we created them." I have concluded that "thinking" has really become like a virus, and that thinking is a major part of the challenge of the human condition.

However, it is also the source of the most incredibly exciting, and profound opportunity that consciousness has as an evolutionary step in our Divine Cosmos.

Since thinking has gotten things so complicated, and our view of the world continues to be fractalized, the New Earth Institute is about a to return to simplicity. "The Essence of Life is the Discovery of Oneself in the Garden of Possibilities" ~ Aqua Wellness

A primary aim of New Earth is individual wellness, which will be supported through our Wellness Academy and Retreats. We have established basic categories which are really the main two principle categories within themselves, from which everything steams from the human experience . . .

The New Earth approach encourages and supports Personal Wellness. You can learn more at our Wellness Academy and Retreats. Here are the primary categories for establishing personal health and well-being

Founding Wellness Categories 

Beginning the Process of Finding One-Self
Now, take a deep breath, and know what you discover here at the New Earth Institute is Shared with Love.

The New Earth Institute:
1) re-cognizes that we are each what we have been looking for, or in other words, "You are what you have been looking for, and
2) We are all in this together. It is time for humanity to realize that leaving any portion of the world population out of support, as a community is like disregarding a part of our own body.

Who Are You?

This is a sacred geometric representation of YOU - Each of us contains the potentials of the entire universe because we are the same consciousness.

And our world conditioning and experience has been highly fragmented. But, as a Being, you are completely integrated, always. It is only the thinking program that has run amok, which is only one tiny fraction of who you are.

We must Re-Introduce ourselves to ourSelves which will automatically introduce us to each other.

New Earth vs Traditional Education
Traditional education has departmentalized and compartmentalized the world, creating specialization, fragmentation and con-fusion.

The New Earth Institute appreciates what John Muir realized "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe".

Once you begin to re-discover yourself and the New Earth Experience then the subsequent information you desire will be presented in the most auspicious way. The information presented at the New Earth Institute is designed to get you what you need about a particular subject.

Over time the topics will expand, courses might be combined into a course series but the intent will never be to give you credentials. New Earth is a level playing ground. We are all One and equal. The information is being provided to assist a person to access the information desired to acquire new skill-sets, or to advance personally into areas of curiosity, or practical need.

The New Earth Institute is not just a catalog of information, or a maze to nowhere, or an invitation to go live in a box. The NE Institute is a portal to yourself, your community, the world and the cosmos.

What Is Your Dream? - it seems many people do not ask this question of themselves, but this is a very good starting point to find your true desire. We suggest not putting any limits or constraints.

Who are You?
How do You relate to the community, and the world?
What is Your dream? What is Your purpose?

New Earth Institute Grid - locations associated with each New Earth Property
Each New Earth community, or physical location, will have an institute which will be dynamic and unique and grow with its own character based on the community, place and people involved.

The Intent of the New Earth Institute is a process of encouragement and upliftment for each person who utilizes the resources presented.

Diagramatic Representation of New Earth Institute, starting - physical locations

The New Earth Project properties are not creating islands but creating sites that will be emanating positive harmonic energies that will influence planetary energies.


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