Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Daily Regimen - Your Practice

No one can choose better feeling thoughts for you. Your feelings are the program that guide you. Your response-ability is your ability to STOP! Choose another train of thoughts, words and actions.

Your point of power is Now. You are in touch, fusion with the Now with each breath you take.

The "con" in confusion are thoughts of con-tradiction. There is, in actuality, no contradiction, just experience.
Once the experience begins to feed upon you, it is your choice to change the experience by a daily regimen, Your Practice

Daily Exercise - suggestions - see details and links below

1. The Practice outlined by Desmond Green
2. Earth Grounding - connecting your feet, body directly with the Earth
3. Breathing: Deeply, Consciously, Appreciatingly
4. Envisioning - Being, doing what feels good to you. (Preparation for Re-Creation) -

Thoughts of the future or past tend to insight feelings of dis-content. The power is in the Now - One Breath.

Reverence for Life starts with Your Life!

Removing "old" programs that act like viruses can seem to be quite challenging. A dedicated "Practice" combined with the physical act of Conscious Deep Breathing can accomplish what years of therapy can "try" to achieve.

Your feelings tell you the results you will be getting from your train of thoughts.

Some of the deepest, most prevalent "programs" exist around money.

Accusational theology and psychology are what we are looking to remove from our experience (individually and collectively). Blame, shame, guilt are the symptoms and characteristics of this program. It exhibits itself in our perspectives of ourselves, families, others (including government, corporations, institutions, ideas, etc.). Blaming will eventually lead to healing.
You choose how quickly.

Life Affirmation, Reverence for Life (Albert Schweitzer) is the new program.

It is being installed with each breath you take, with or without, your conscious participation.

Shallow, asphyxiated, breathing created a world of human disharmony. For Experience, and seeing the details. There is a huge purpose that we have been going through. It has been a blessing. It is all Good.

Daily Regimen             Adapt to You!!!!

Breath Consciously, Deeply, Appreciatingly: all day, as often as possible

The Practice: Read, adapt principles to your day 8 principles adapted to your daily experiences
Background:  Desmond Green's Videos     The Power of Words      Breathing    Your Mood    Tracking

Earth Grounding: 20 minutes per day with bare feet or body on Earth
Background: Grounded Video telling of man's 13 month experience
Our Star Power - my inspiration from Law of One about connecting with Earth energy, chakras, etc.

Solar Appreciation: feeling connection to sun, soak up energy/love, spend time in sunlight - as much as possible

Track Your Thoughts by being aware of Your Feelings: ongoing/continuous, to best of ability

Background: Things You Must Do Every Day - Abraham (Jerry & Ester Hicks) have many videos and books that are great. 

Dedicate as much time as you can to those things that bring you joy
 - loved ones, time in nature, inspiring pursuits
- creating your vision, following your passion, experiencing bliss
- working for the life and world of your dreams

Concluding Thoughts
You cannot expect evidence for some future event or creation, now. The creation will show up in its own time.
Physical creation with the "old program" has had limitations and constraints. These programs are coming to an end.

Investing your time, energy, thoughts and feelings into someone else's game will result in dis-harmony.
Bhagavad Gita 3:35: And do thy duty, even if it be humble, rather than another´s, even if it be great. To die in one´s duty is life: to live in another´s is death. The only true purpose is to: "work for the world".

You are being guided, supported and loved beyond what you can comprehend with the old programs. They are being replaced. You can Trust the Process. 

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