Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spending Your Breath

People, people, people - money, taxes, govemnt, politicians. When did we get so sidetracked to spend so much energy on so much nonsense. It hasn't been working for a long time. It's not gonna magically start to. The One thing that is working, doing it all, is what supports you. Simplify your life. Take just one breath. Ahhh. Now, take another. Ok, good. Just try to do that, again, as often as you can remember. Your Breath is like an infinite wave carrying you along through your life, forever. You can't remove one breath, you cannot stop your breaths. God is forcing you to realize that Love is supporting you. It happens through your breath, and then you get to have the amazing, multi-dimensional sense experience of creating Your Life. It is Yours, and it is Your Infinite Endowment. What are you gonna Spend that on? . . . . It's OK, God loves you! And Your appreciation of Your Breath, and spending it wisely is your best way to return your love to God.

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