Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Master Your Connection

It is an ironic thing, but to blame or judge people for truly believing what they believe is the utmost of hypocrisy, no matter how much ignorance or selfishness they are exhibiting. Depending on a human system built from a gargantuan amount of dishonesty, untruths and self serving motivations is fruitless. Trying to understand insanity will make one insane. "You cannot solve the problems with the thinking you used while they were created." Albert Einstein -

Our thinking, based on the illusion of separation and duality has innumerable viruses, like in your computer. You cannot remove a virus with the program affected by the virus. The solution is knowing there is only One thing here. And that your only true power point, to tap into the Infinite Intelligence is the now moment. All effective teachings in meditation will connect one with the breath at some point in the process of what is being taught. This is because our breath connects us spiritually and physically with the Source of the Infinite Intelligence that is creating, supporting and orchestrating this elaborate show of light/love.

You are the Master of Your connection to Source via your conscious, free-will choice to connect to your personal, power point. This is the best way to show your Love for Your God as it will allow you to become the best that you can be. It is simple, always accessible and sweet. Gain the skill-sets that will help you achieve your personal freedoms, that no one can impede at

Interestingly, as I was typing this message, Desmond Green called me with another acronym wrapping up the whole enchilada

"BUS - Breathing Universal Sweetness".

Those that know me, know that I have had buses in my experiences for most of my life, even though I have often tried to quit. I started driving school bus in 1979 and continued to drive charter bus on the side, even when I was teaching at Texas A&M Univ. Even after I let my CDL go in 2012 I was called up to drive the longest trip I had ever driven, 2 months, about 13,000 miles, 20 states and 40+ cities. Here is the poem I wrote while on that trip, traveling with a beautiful group of young musicians called The Glassmen.

Now I am driving a thing called the SMART (Sharp Minds Are Reading Throroughly) Bus. A little book-mobile that kids get to take a book home, for FREE! Today we received a gaylord (4x4x4 ft box) of books. 3000 of them. Getting ready to take the program to the next level. Reminding myself of grown up in Ames with the Bookmobile, Project Eco and the Park & Recreation bus that came with sports equipment to neighborhoods in summer.

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