Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Re-Visiting Experiential University

Oct. 23, 2013

My morning started with a number of messages, from a variety of disparate sources.

1. Sarah started the morning with a song for Shiloh on Youtube - "Green is the colour" by Pink Floyd
2. I turned to a passage in Matthew Fox's book "WHEE! We, We All the Way Home: a guide to the new sensual spirituality" -
What dangers should we expect to encounter along our spiritual way either from our inner selves or from our culture with its dragonesque institutions? All to often, books on meditation and spirituality have come to signify pacification rather than education because they see humility as merely a private, psychological struggle. In fact, humility has profound social consequences and is often best learned battling in streets or institutions rather than in our imaginations.

3. Shiloh's book "My Mama Earth" sitting on the coffee table.
4. The first snow of winter, and Shiloh's first snowfall. Possibly the largest snow flakes I have seen in my life.
5. "Sacred Planet" video with Robert Redford as narrator.
6. Vision for Wellness from Intenders of the Highest Good

I mistakenly searched for Sacred Earth and found this link "Sacred Earth is part of a revolutionary new Wellness Experience"

A Vision for Wellness
We see a world where wellness is the watchword of the day; where humanity has realized, oh-so-clearly, that we are wise to hold a vision of ourselves and others in the highest light - happy, healthy, vibrant, joyous, creative, and living our calling to the fullest.

We see a world where supporting sickness in others, having a vested interest in illnesses of any kind, naming, creating, advertising, and reinforcing diseases, being sympathetic instead of empathetic, being dependent on big pharmaceutical companies who have profit as their first priority, believing things are contagious, experimenting with vaccines, and so forth have gone by the wayside because we have begun to use light, to bring Spirit/Source into the picture, and to use positive envisioning and love to heal one another.

Can you imagine a world like this? It is a world where we are all living in peak health because that is all we are putting our attention on.

7. Sarah was invited by Wendy to help organize weekly events at the Quad City Food Hub.

Being Guided by my Spirit Animals (type up from Animal Spirit Guides book)
Peregrine Falcon
Beaver - blog about experience with my brother Mark when I returned from Iowa after being in South America for 4 years.

Earth Experience School

Return to prior blogs/essays written about "Experiential University" and connection to the original vision for the Land-grant University system that was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln at the end of the Civil War.

New school based on "Reverence for Life" - as expressed by Albert Schweitzer in "Philosophy of Civilization", published 1960
Reverence for Life = The Golden Way (changed to Golden Rule) "The Voice by the Moody Blues" - "won't you take me back to school, I need to learn the Golden Rule, just one more time"

The "1st R" (previously the "4th R" - implementing The Practice in our educational systems, included in the free book "The Global Citizenship Passport", by Desmond D. Green.

Facebook posts - 10/23/2013
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Sergio Nino
-Henry David Thoreau

It's what is looking at what you see that matters. IT is what you are looking for and without it nothing could be seen, experienced or felt. - My response 

My posts - In order for the world to truly become One we need to stay approachable even when we achieve "success". True success is based on our response-ability. God never left us, even though we have been playing the game of separation. Source is in every thing and every where - even, and especially, all of US {Universal Sweetness}.

People, do you see what has happened to our knowing about what we are saying with our words? "Insecurity", "Insurance" "figure out" - hyphenate the words in-security, in-surance. "Credit = debt.

To find these things "out-side" will never
happen. You must find these things inside!!!! It is with you, NOW. Secure you are in Your Breath which is assured, always. Learn the power of your words. Connect with your Self. Watch this 2 minute video

Get your skill-set, for free in The Practice at

 The Earth Experience University

Has a mission to make quality, practical, common sense knowledge to individuals who are not really interested in going to a college or university for betwen 2 - 12 years only to discover that they can be learning in the process of living there lives. Pursuing a "degree", which is a piece of paper, ending in a long-term educational "debt" is not in the best interest of the individual or our society. 

The Earth Experience University is based on learning through experience, not through just some academic pursuit - not to suggest that our courses, curriculums, and studies will not be base on rigorous thinking processes. Our aim will be to teach foundational concepts first, like who and what we are, and then to provide information that will satisfy the dreams and aspirations of each individual to fulfill their dreams.

Our university has extensive background documentation based on Dr. Skadberg's experience working and studying in several institutions of higher education. Then, when he realized, after receiving his PhD that he had really only learned as he had the opportunity to apply his knowledge. 

This type of learning falls under the umbrella, in academic circles as, "Experiential Learning" but is also espoused by 4-H as "Learning by doing". 4-H is a program developed out of the Extension Service of the Land-grant University System.

The original "Reverence for Life University" proposal was written in 2008 for the Global Breath Consciousness Institute in Jamaica.

These original writings have been supplemented by many additional essays and real world based concepts in the book "Vision - We ARE Re-Creating the World: a Resource Manual "tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness". (links to chapters outlining vision in Pdf documents).

The chapter "Education, Environment, Economics: E-cubed" (links to Pdf document)

Since the writing of the "Vision" book, the following resources and Websites have been created to further realize and manifest this new way to "Revitalize and Empower" communities and people.

Reverence for Life University - Provides the foundational "The Practice" written by Desmond D. Green as the manual to acquire the "skill-set" for individual transformation. Additional links

Rural Innovation Institute - has gathered together a plethora of information about topics related to wholistic and common-sense based solutions.

Vision Excelerator - is an "incubator" for businesses, ideas and organizations based on my life experiences since 1981 starting, and/or creating new businesses and projects.

Eye Am Sharing - instead of social networking, it is time for "collaborative networking". This Web site is a beginning to creating the networking tool for people to join a community to share their stories and services in a cooperative and creative way.

Experience Co-Evolution Group - provides expert information and services to reach out to communities and peoples who are interested in sustainable and diversified development. A primary aim is around tourism, but with a focus also on diversification, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Various Projects are being developed, or have been envisioned in writing

Regional Tourism Project - (detailed "case study" in Pdf)

SMART Bus (Sharp Minds Are Reading Thoroughly) - to be presented

Our India Connections - Newday Wellness    ::  AIWA Academy   ::   Wellness Tourism IMark Global   ::   IMARK Tech

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  1. This came in today from Intenders of the Highest Good -

    We envision a world where all children everywhere have access to the education that best serves, enhances and nourishes their individual highest good; that aligns them with their highest potential and gifts, inspiring them forward to create according to their wishes and dreams every wondrous thing their heart desires. We see a world where each child sees, honors and acknowledges the genius within their true Self and others; where every parent, guide and teacher also sees, honors and acknowledges the unique genius within their own true Self, as well as each child on their path.

    We see a variety of different types of schools that each offer a unique, positive, supportive, caring, and innovative educational environment; where all teachers and children envision, embrace, discover and manifest new, brilliant ideas and pathways that encompass a brighter future for ALL. We see enthusiastic children, parents and teachers embracing an awareness of what is needed for the Highest Good, using their individual and unique gifts and talents to easily and effortlessly bring about simple, yet extraordinary solutions to challenges within their community, country and our world - thus creating a sustainable, flourishing living environment that abundantly honors all Life.

    We envision all learning as fun, engaging, and connecting - a celebration on a path of joy and involvement, that honors each person's remarkable Spirit within - ultimately honoring everyone.

    Infinite Blessings to You,
    Tara Majeska

    There were 1,331,689 people who aligned with this vision.