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The Mission - We The Arcturians

Soltec Speaks of the Mission:

First of all, we are here on a mission of peace. The real reason that we have arrived is to help Earth increase its vibrational frequency as it undergoes birthing into the New Age.

We are also here to awaken and protect the children of Light. We are here for the purpose of God and God's plan, and it is in this state of Being that we have come in friendship.

In order to accomplish this mission, we have an agenda and activities to fulfill, which are designed to make our role and Terra's role easier. A part of this role involves education, which affects all of the planet's social institutions. This educational assignment has to do with the re-education of individuals as to their purposes in life, their powers, their health conditions, and even their destinies.

A mission as important as this one cannot be completed by increasing the vibrational frequency around the beloved Earth alone. One of the ways we accomplish this is by working with children of Light to change their vibrational frequencies. To do this in a lasting fashion, we have to educate them in areas that their souls already know.

In the past, we have tried many plans to communicate. What we find the most difficult to accomplish in this area is to penetrate the forces that control the average souls on the planet. Two of these forces are the government and the military of many countries.

We began to make our introductions to these institutions many years ago, and we did go to the social structures and individuals who were deemed to control the countries. That is the proper and fitting thing to do in societies of protocol, and we do honor and respect customs. In these introductions the doors were frequently closed, and we were met with hostile and sometimes deceitful behavior.

These attempts to communicate have been witnessed for many decades of time. But in the transition of time, we have noticed that the power structures are slowly turning over from the highest in governments to the local control of the peoples. In this turn of events, we also have known many children of Light, who have been born and raised to be of that local control.

In this new relationship, we are now more free to attend to those who are not in the political and military realms. We are also in communication with many because we have been welcomed into their homes and hearts. One of the reasons is because the individuals with whom we communicate are not afraid. They are beyond the illusion of fear, and do not hesitate to see the glory of a multidimensional society that awaits the planet.

We love and appreciate our communicants for their openness and willingness to take us into their homes. We cannot and will not go where we are not welcome. That is a supreme rule and command that we must follow. We cannot interfere with the free will of individuals.

In the command and reign of the past many years, we have made contact with many souls who are deemed the highest. We have met with many Presidents and Premiers.

We do have much of importance to discuss, and find it very difficult sometimes to communicate using the terminology of energy and soul development with those in power. They are at the level of developing food for the physical and we are developing food for the soul. Our words and descriptions sometimes do not match, even though we are both in the business of producing more highly advanced human beings for the future.

We have been introduced to and turned down by many. In the closing of the doors, we have noted that they wanted our secrets or scientific advancements, but many did not wish to have information that would feed the spirit. This is a difficult situation. We have often found it somewhat difficult to deal with this compromising situation.

What we have done is to exchange some information on an equal basis, and this has been done mainly with the military. Interestingly enough, government officials have consistently turned us over to the military commands to discuss information whenever we have made a contact, which makes us ask the question, "Who really is in charge?"

It has not bothered us that much; however, we foresee that it may bother people at the local levels of your existence when this information reaches them. The ironic dilemma that has faced us has been that we are on a mission of love and peace, and we are sent to those who defend your borders against wars. Somehow this does not match the mission.

The instances whereby we have more prolonged contact with the individuals on your planet have been when we have been sought out by people themselves. In many cases, there is an openness and awareness on the part of many souls that actually have reached before we had the opportunity to catch their vibrational quality on our screens. We have the ability to work with all souls on Earth, but in reality we work with fewer than one percent.

The number of countries in which we presently are working is 33. We also have had the priviege of establishing connections with the civilizations in Middle Earth, and we do much work with those individuals too.

Our mission is to raise the entire vibrational quality of the planet. What this means is that it is a united effort, and many souls all over and within that planet are being introduced to our work.

The gigantic problems with which you are faced in making the transition into the New Age indeed is underestimated by most souls in embodiment on Earth. There is no way that you could do this yourselves, in the present situation and state of mind that the planet is experiencing. There is no way that you could survive and bring the beloved Terra to her destiny in the dignity that she so deserves.

So, we are here to usher in the volumes of love and light that are necessary to birth the soul of the New Age. In order to do this with all the proper respect, the Earth inhabitants must be reaquainted with their birthright. That right is knowing and experiencing the God-Self.

That is our curriculum. That is the plan.

The way we are managing to bring this new awarenetss to your planet is through education, medicine, healing, the arts and entertainment. These are just a few of the areas. For, just as your educational systems prepare you in many disciplines for a fulfilling, productive life; so must we re-educate the masses in a multidisciplinary fashion.

Therefore, the information is being received and shared by many, and it is the Earth inhabitants who are sharing and transforming the information. There is only one curriculum. That is the curriculum of God, and the understanding that this is the only force there is that sustains all of life.

As soon as more souls understand this, and truly anchor it into their consciousness, then the volume and intensity of Light on the planet will be raised.

Excerpt from WE, THE ARCTURIANS. 1990. Chapter IX - The Mission, Pages 242-246. By Dr. Norma J. Milanovisch, Cynthia Ploski, Betty Rice.

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