Sunday, June 14, 2020

WE, THE ARCTURIANS - on the breath

It is important to note or clarify here that this Force is contained in everything. It is important to restate that this Force is everything. But the distinction we are making is that there are certain channels or ways in which humans or Beings from our system can use this Force more readily than others. We tell the individuals on Earth, that breath and air of the purest forms contain the primary way in which a soul can access this Liquid Light and fuel for evolution.

On Arcturus, we absorb this Force in a more concentrated form in our survival patterns. This is because we have a screening device in the violet rays that allows this energy to be absorbed into our Beingness.

The Earth, in the New Age, also will be experiencing a similar concentration of this energy. As we have said many times, the Earth is being consumed by the Great Central Sun. When this occurs (and it already is occurring at an incredibly rapid speed), then this will automatically move and position the beloved Terra into a place in the universe that provides a permanent, higher vibrational frequency to nurture it. In this higher positioning will come a new atmosphere and way for the inhabitants of the planet to use this energy source more readily in the fifth dimension, which will be its new culture. We can only tell you that this process is a delightful and beautiful one.

We honor this part of our Ship that provides for the enjoyment and ease of the transition between the dimensions for you and us. The Engineering Apparatus Area that sweeps in the air and electronic Force of your existence provides us with another source of Light and for our own existence. We truly can identify with the saying on your planet, "It is like a breath of fresh air!" For every time we experience the motion and nourishment this section of the Ship provides us, we rejoice in the rejuvenated sprits that we obtain.

If more Earthlings would understand that power in the breath, they would make a conscious effort to change their breathing habits. If more Earthlings would change their breathing habits, there would be less sickness, more happiness, and more wealth and prosperity on the planet. For breath holds the key to mastering the electronic Force of the universe, and the power of manifestation in the fifth dimension. For those who conquer this understanding, the Earth will be theirs to inherit. For those who do not, the Earth will be theirs to leave.

A soul cannot be breathing deeply and relaxing in the Force and still channel fear and hate. This is not possible when the spirit and practice of the breath are managed as they are intended. One cannot conquer the lessons of the fifth dimensional frequency in a state of fear or stress, for that frequency supports the love and Light of creation. Therefore, if the souls who are channeling fears and lower vibrations wish for a way in which to free themselves from their bondage, the first step that they must accomplish is that of changing their breathing. If they try this, the Force, which is truly much more intelligent that they are anyway, will automatically begin the transformation process.

But souls must choose which one they will master. There are only two choices: there is love and Light, or there is fear. Choose, our dearest sisters and brothers of the universe. And make the choice before the portal of time into this new dimension frequency closes and makes the choice for you. But if you analyze this further, the bottom line is that if this is allowed to happen, then, ultimately, IT HAS BEEN YOU WHO HAS MADE THE CHOICE!

With this explanation complete, allow us to proceed with the next area of our Ship, which is the Engineering Crystallization Area.

Excerpt from WE, THE ARCTURIANS. Chapter 7 - Starship General Divisions, Pages 200-202. By Dr. Norma J. Milanovisch, Cynthia Ploski, Betty Rice.

My brother Mark Skadberg had this book in his belongings. Mark passed Oct. 4, 2015. He was my main Spiritual, and family guide for my life. While I pursued my career in academia, and all sorts of other experiences, he kept me aware of the importance of Spiritual diversity. There are a number of books that he Shared during my life, beginning with Starseed Transmissions, I believe in 1982, The Prism of Lyra, in that 1990s, a book on The Face on Mars, and also crop circles.

I had read this book not long after Mark left, but I felt a strong urge to read again. The import, and timing of this particular passage, AT THIS TIME, June 14, (my granddaughter Ximena's birthday, Donald Trump's birthday, the 245th birthday of creation of the US Army, Flag Day) and Sarah's mother Jean's birthday tomorrow, followed by Lincoln Birch Ford - Skadberg's birthday - is a bit astounding. I could Share a great deal more, but want to get this message out to a few friends.

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