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WE, THE ARCTURIANS - Chapter X - The Future

AFTER WE had organized the book, we asked the Arcturians to give us their opinion of the work we had done. We wanted to know whether they approved of the way in which we had organized the chapters and whether they had anything additional that they wanted to add.
They replied:

We thank you for this opportunity to critique the document. We see the need for no major changes, for all that has been sent by us is significant in its own way. We have no ownership of what you choose to retain or to delete from the manuscript. It is all relative.

Each soul who reads this document will find a different truth in the messages. Therefore, no one script can suffice to meet with exactness the many needs and acceptance levels that humans have on planet Earth.

We would like, however, to summarize the book in a different way, if you would allow us to do so. The way in which we would like to finish this manuscript is to stress the importance of higher consciousness for humanity's survival in the future.

We have spoken a little of why we are here, which relates directly to the beloved Terra. The leap you planet will soon take into the future will demand that the souls on the planet interact with each other and with Mother Earth in a way that commands respect. It is this topic that we wish to address in the closing pages of this document.

This higher mode of living is what many have yearned for on Earth for several years. We observe that you weary of negativity and are waiting for redemption. We see that you toil long hours in the silence of your patience, as you wait for the return of your Savior. We have compassion for the length of time you have endured waiting to inherit your "State of Beingness." Allow us to assure you that the day for your justice and redemption is coming. It is on the horizon of your future, and it will be the day when all those of higher consciousness will rejoice.

To be among the celebrants, all you humans have to do is to raise your eyes to the Divine. Hold the spark of hope, faith and charity in your hearts, and watch the miracles unfold in front of your eyes. You are not leaderless in this quest for the Highest. Neither are we as we assist you on your quest; for we celebrated the same Leader as you do, our sisters and brothers of the Light.

A message sent to you centuries ago is still one of the most powerful tools you have to use for seeking guidance for this new day that is fast approaching. Allow us to recite it to you once again, and also to give you the interpretation of the message from our Elders back on Arcturus.

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want:

All enlightened Beings address the same concept: there is only one God and Divine Being who is our Creator. This magnificent Being, whom you call God, takes care of all of the needs of the souls who are on the journey back to the Light. When these souls turn their attention to this Being, they do not want for anything, for their needs, on all levels, are met.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:

The color green is reserved for the fourth chakra within the human energy system. It represents the heart center. In humans, this center is the most powerful. It is also the one which is the most neglected by many. It is this center that hurts the easiest and is closed the fastest by many.

When one connects his or her consciousness with God consciousness, and truly behaves on a higher level, that is when the soul experiences operating from the heart center. In this state, the pastures then become very fertile and green, and contain all the ingredients of the power that will be bestowed upon the individual.

He leadeth me beside the still waters:

It is in acceptance of the heart center as the true source of wisdom, and the behaviors related to states of higher consciousness, that one acquires the calmness for which so many on the planet hunger. For it is the quieting of the mind that follows. The mind gets the soul and heart into trouble when the mind is not at rest. When an individual is in a peaceful state of mind, which is likened to the still waters, it is then that the individual can do no battle. It is at this moment that the second step of the power is given to the soul, for it is at this moment that the individual obtains his or her own mastery.

He restoreth my soul:

With the above ingredients in place, the soul is then in the position to undo all karmic debts. In this undoing, it prepares for entrance into the kingdom of the Father.

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake:

When all karmic debts are released, the soul is free to be led on the path to higher kingdoms. On your planet you might call it Sainthood or the road of the Ascended Masters. We call it the fifth dimensional frequency, for it is in this state that individuals command the power to control the Liquid Light of the Great Central Sun.

Yea, that I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For Thou art with me:

The Earth is likened to a valley, for the consciousness of humans is so low. It is considered by many in the higher realms to be the valley of the shadows of illusions.

Death is an illusion. Death is only the crossing over from one state of consciousness to another. It is the passing of one karmic responsibility on to another. It is the connection back to the etheric body that is the soul. It is actually life.

On Earth, another illusion is that evil exists. We observe that your negativity and terror are reality to you. What you do not understand it that you have created these processes through the powers of your own mind.

Therefore, when one walks on the higher planes with God, the Creator of all, evil and death are no longer feared. When one's consciousness transcends these illusions, there is no longer a need to retain them.

Since each creates his or her own reality through the power of the inner world, once negativity and fear are removed, those qualities will no longer manifest on the Earth plane or in an individual's environment. You really do have that much power, oh sisters and brothers of the universe.

Thou preparest a table befor me in the presence of mine enemies:

The One Creator of all does not discriminate. God loves all souls with the equal intensity of a father and mother. Therefore, regardless of what one has done on the illusionary path, God does not punish, but actually prepares a feast table for all of the children.

Thou anointest my head with oil:

We are all the chosen children of God. We are all delivered from our weaknesses. It is only the ego that keeps you separate from the Father. God anoints us all with the mark of the Risen Savior; it is your ego and choice as to whether you will accept or reject the appointment.

My cup runneth over:

In the initiation from God, all children are offered abundance. That is truly one of the rewards from the deliverance of all karmic debts. The universe is actually one of abundance and not one of poverty. It is only the consciousness of the human form that has limited abundance. It is your minds, or knowledge, that keeps you in poverty.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:

In this state of connectedness, the meek will inherit the Earth. Comfort, happiness, and peace are the rewards that will follow for all the children of Light who choose to raise their consciousness.

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever:

The Kingdom of God is eternal. There is no mistaking the journey as an endless one.

As each civilization and species evolves, there are always new challenges, adventures, hopes, and states of ecstasy to experience. When the humans of Earth learn to transcend their basic fears and limitations, then they too will be free to explore other dimensions of reality.

The house of our Lord has many rooms. Each civilization and species is likened to another room. All are experiences and challenges just waiting in the future for the soul's next incarnations. All souls are on the path back to the Great Central Sun. It is only our experiences in the different areas of the universe that differ. In reality, all our journeys are one with the Creator of the ALL.

The day is coming for you, our sisters and brothers of the beloved Terra, to experience the other realities and rooms of the House of the Lord. We wait patiently for your new birth and the rebirth of the celestial body upon which you walk.

Let us now go in peace. We have appreciated the opportunity to get to know you in this fashion. Allow us to address you again in the future, with other words of wisdom and love.

We speak for the entire celestial gathering when we tell you that you are loved and admired for all that you are. Each of you is perfect in the State of Beingness that you are presently experiencing. You learn quickly, so we hope that the important information that you need to acquire for your "all too soon" future will not escape you in the pockets of your minds that you sometimes allow to stay closed.

Open up those areas and receive our words, for they sound the cry for the future.

The future is truly yours to create. We only hope that you choose the component of the future that will offer you the Garden of Eden you so deserve.

Adonai, our beloved children of Light.

We, the Arcturians, do bid you farewell from the northwest quadrant of the universe, and from the Most Radiant One.

Excerpt from WE, THE ARCTURIANS. 1990. Chapter X - The Future, Pages 298-304. By Dr. Norma J. Milanovisch, Cynthia Ploski, Betty Rice. Athena Publishing

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