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Herdonic and Juluionno Speak of the Mission - Chapter IX


We have come to Earth because we have been asked to assist that planet Earth's birthing process into the New Age. The cry for assistance went forth into the universe from the Ascended Masters, Angels, and Celestial Beings to come to this part of the galaxy to help our brothers and sisters of Earth to move through the window of space and into the fifth dimension.

This process is a most difficult one for any civilization that is increasing its vibrations to assume a speed closer to that of the Light. We are her out of love and kinship for our celestial colleagues.

This transitional period through which the Earth is now passing is unlike any that has ever been experienced in the records of beloved Terra. It will be another 26,000 years before that planet again has the opportunity to assume the strength and position that it will soon experience in the New Age.

In this time of tremendous struggle, all of the old systems of a lower vibratory nature are crumbling and new systems of Light and higher sound vibrations are developing to replace them. What this means is that all structures that were built upon the work of mortals who had the desire to be separate or unloving will now come to an end. Replacing these structures will be only those systems that vibrate on the fifth ray and higher.

The fifth ray is the energy vortex of the throat area. It vibrates at the same frequency as the color blue. It represents the speaking of truth. This frequency will expose all of the individuals and institutions that have been established on the foundation of untruth, for these cannot be sustained in the higher frequency of light energy.

The White Light will assume the position of authority in this New Age, and through this frequency will come vibrations of truth, love and surrender to the higher purpose of life and to the spirit of oneness and the all.

The fifth ray is the color of the rainbow that assumes the fifth position. It also is the same vibratory rate as the note of G. The two of these combined are a powerful tool for combating the lies and the deceitfulness that have too long been sustained on the planet.

We have been channeling a frequency to Earth that is of this nature and higher. This higher frequency has been absorbed by individuals on the planet, and the consciousness of many souls has been affected by this frequency. Some of the results that have been experienced are:

1. Many individuals are longing to expose the lies that have been smoldering and contaminating societies for centuries. Those characters who are harboring thoughts, emotions, and actions of a lower nature are being sought out and detected. In the process the exposure occurs.

2. Humankind is just beginning to feel a shift of consciousness resulting in a happier condition. This state of being is manifested in a "letting go" attitude or in the feeling of not being attached to negative emotions. Individuals of higher states of consciousness are beginning to separate themselves from those individuals of lower, more angry states. The vibrational frequencies of the two sets of individuals are beginning to clash. Let us tell you that as this higher frequency gets more prevalent, and more individuals absorb this frequency, this clash will become more obvious.

What many souls do not yet know is that an individual who carries high vibrations is just as uncomfortable around the other of the lower nature as the latter is around the first. Often Earthlings tend to believe that those of higher vibrations sense more, have higher intelligence, and know more than the individual with a lower vibration. We can assure you that intelligence is not a variable to be considered in this state of Beingness. This new state of consciousness deal only with the heart and the amount of love and Light that an individual carries.

The energy of the vibration is shown by the amount of openness and love that an individual channels. It is the energy of the Christ self.

3. Individuals are finding an increased hunger for the spirit. Many are beginning to look inward for answers and are rejoicing, for they are finally finding the answers to their long journey. What each needs to understand is that the physical, manifest world is truly an illusion, or the maya, as it is so aptly written in many of your great books. In this illusion, one wanders endlessly, looking for the answers, turning to every object and individual and asking the question "Will I find my peace and contentment here?" Alas, the wandering journey continues, without the peace of mind that one seeks, for the answers are never there.

If we can leave you, our brothers and sisters of the universe, with any message of significance at all, allow us to state this one for your understanding.

"There is no truth or reality outside of yourself. You are the totality of the universe, and the oneness with God. It is all contained within, and the journey need go no further than quieting the outer self for the purpose of discovering the wonders and the beauty from within." (I added emphasis, Andy)

The energy that is channeled to Earth by us is affecting the very inner consciousness of individuals on the planet. It is energy that can only be discovered by silencing the outer mind, and finding the connection to the inner sanctuaries of the mind. It is the universe within, that souls have longed to discover. It is the oneness that each strives to find on the journey of life.

Our role is to assist souls in finding the connection to this state of oneness and power. We are here to distribute this energy, but we do it with the aid of many space brothers and sisters.

4. Planet Earth is beginning to prepare for this cleansing of negative energy that surrounds her. You have already seen the signs with the violent weather changes, volcanos that have erupted and will continue to erupt, earthquakes, and the changing ozone layer, to name but a few significant occurrences. The energy of humankind has polluted beloved Terra long enough. It is up to higher forces to push against these negative vibrations in order to achieve the balance and harmony that is predestined for Earth. The cleansing will be complete. This can be completed by humans or by forces which they perceive are beyond their control. It is your choice. But regardless of how this is accomplished, IT WILL COME TO PASS.

We take our job seriously, and you have evidence that we do good work. We are truly here to assist those on higher realms who are waiting to join hands with humans who choose to rise above the needless negativity on the planet. We are here to work with as many souls as we can, who express interest to journey with us.

Individuals, in order to survive this New Age, must adorn themselves with robes of this higher frequency. Should they decide to disregard this information and warning, they will ultimately make the decision of not going on with the rest to this Golden Age of peace and harmony. They will have to choose, but the choice will be theirs.

Those who do not choose to raise their vibrations must exit the Earth plane. Many souls will be exiting before the year 2000, as the decade of the 90s has been reserved for the cleansing.

It is not a negative statement we are making. IT IS WHAT IS. IT IS THE LAW. Those souls who choose not to go on will be expressing their freedom of choice and will. They will actually be honored for their selection. Their souls will then reincarnate on a planet of their choosing that is more compatible with the frequency to which they are accustomed. In the reality of it all, they will be much happier, as will those of a higher vibratory rate who will inherit the Earth. There is an abundance of choices in the many universes from which to select one's next incarnation. Life will go on, for it is eternal.

Excerpt from WE, THE ARCTURIANS. 1990. Chapter IX - The Mission, Pages 249-254. By Dr. Norma J. Milanovisch, Cynthia Ploski, Betty Rice.

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