Saturday, June 20, 2020

What will be will be. Only the BEST is unfolding for ALL.

What will be will be. Only the Best! is unfolding for all.

CDB is key. (Conscious Deep Breathing)

My life's sharing represents my efforts to be the best Andy I can be - unselfishly Sharing the fruits of my life and experiences, and treasures, that have always revealed themselves AFTER I have gone with IN to find my eternal support.

These events, experiences, processes have often been catalyzed by "apparent" external challenges, occurances, etc.

These days CDB is the bridge FROM the external chaos "reported", and my internal bliss, which stems only from returning to the stability of the guiding force that was placed in my heart when I arrived here on planet Earth.

The evolution of confidence and my skills at resisting an "emotional" upheaval, are reflected in my written, and posted Sharings.

It is Glorious to have the platform of the Internet to Share out, so others might discover a kernel, a seed, that will begin their awakening, re-emergence process.

I Thank You God, Love, Goddess and all of MY cosmic family for this astoundingly robust learning environment.

As long as I am in this body, which now seems to be highly probable for an extended future, I WILL continue with MY MISSION TO BE LOVE AND REMIND PEOPLE OF THE GLORIES OF ONE BREATH OF THE ONE INFINITE LOVING CREATOR.

It is 9:09 am and as I finished writing this, one hummingbird was in the window and a second came around for a moment.

Thank you Mother Earth for the validation.

This message was a result of a sort of life review from last night when I was woken up by Lincoln at 2 am. I saw my life experiences, people who have passed, and the ties to my experiences getting to the center of what might be called "the energy scarcity cabal" that has been my nemesis during this life, ironically, but I am still standing. I have been taking chinks out of the tower, over the last 47 years, or so, and now the tower of babble is falling a breakneck speed. The one blog that seems to encapsulate a sort of prophecy of the event was inspired by my middle son Joshua The New Jericho

Look for a book, or even a series as I have realized Eye Am a Secret Agent for God, and now a series of events, tied together by synchronicities, serendipities, experiences and events will create a real fun, and intriguing story to be Shared.

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