Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hoax - The Money Game & Free Energy

This is important. We have all been duped, and unknowing part of the most elaborate "shell game" in the history of the world. We must face what has been going on. Not to get wrapped up in any kind of anger, resentment, fear, etc.

I haven´t studied this to great detail, but this validates other information that I have heard for many years. That Washington DC, the IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank are all illegal corporations - that is that they were not established upon the foundation of the Constitution. (btw - the US was established under British law)

When ones sees these things for what they are, and goes into the source of our Lives - Love, I believe all of these things will melt like snow on a summer day.

This is just information, not to stir up controversy.


Also, from the Same source, a listing of many Free Energy devices that have been suppressed.


When the light turns on, the cockroaches will run and hide. And don´t get me wrong, cockroaches need love too, but we probably don´t want them hanging around in our house.

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