Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Tempest

The tempest´s energies are rising,
swirling energies mix with the ether,
emotions, feelings, experiences, coalescing,
an opportunity to break with the past,
life emerges among the ways of movement,
cataclysmic events push change and growth,
the fires racing across the prairies,
the winds that clear a mountain forest,
waters rise and then fall,
leaving fertile gifts of life to come,
amidst what we perceive as destruction,
is actually a primal force of nature,
bringing opportunities to renew,
recycling, collections of debri,
that choke new life, new emergent forms,
human, divine consciousness creates forms,
spiritual, physical, emotional and psychic,
like the glade that spawns too much life,
innumerable forms pack within,
eventually crowding, choking, inhibiting,
those creative life forces expressed,
until the water, fire, earth and air,
decide the time has come,
for new life to emerge.

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