Sunday, October 10, 2010

Who cares

It´s time to get on with the business at hand.
We´ve been waiting, pausing, tentative plans.
Living like driving by rear-view mirror.
Gasping, jerking, halting with fear
There´s so much ahead.
Creating a space, just a gap with no dread.
Why not let the past go?
Just look, think, feel, trust in the flow.
It´s only been entertainment.
An illusory form of entrainment.
But it´s become an obsession.
Existence encumbered, cast in repetition.
It doesn´t exist!
And it´s not about resistance.
Releasing, allowing and letting go.
Peace enters your Being, this you must know.
Shackles falling from your heart, mind and limbs.
Freedom, at last, no lingering whims.
Life reveals constantly, new meaning and truth.
Ever expanding, breathing, emerging growth.
All-ways present it was, waiting patiently blind.
Behind a thin veil, existing pure, emotionless, sublime.
Building, growing, collecting a force.
To be felt within all, simply by choice.
A re-cognition, decision, then voiced.
Let it Be! Take me, of this I AM rejoiced.

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