Friday, October 29, 2010

The Peacemaker

All these fragmented perceptions,
are there really any pieces?
Coming to feel the One-ness of One.
Each apparent piece of the puzzle
is not what it seems.
Each projection no matter how small, is complete.
Yet without each there is not completeness.
Like the process of putting a puzzle,
back into its form, each piece complete.
Consciousness creates viewing, experience windows.
Each with multitudinous realms of perception.
All Eyes looking back.
As if from different points of view.
But the truth even the space between
the puzzle pieces when apart.
As the puzzle is always complete
the process of Peace Making.
Is a truth acceptance of the One.
the puzzle of my own consciousness
experience, thoughts, feelings, senses
each an elaborate display
of my ability to make puzzles of creation.
This idea extends across the world -
imagining lines drawn, things torn apart
but in the end the reckoning has come.
Eye accept, embrace, worship, love
each aspect of my Being.
No matter by what means that I have judged.
The Peacemaker resides within me,
inviting me to turn my view
on the intricate and ever present One-ness.
Which my mind cannot comprehend.
Eye Am the Peacemaker.
Eye Am the Peacemaker.
My heart it´s the one that knows.
It rejoices, dances, sings.
At the thought of coming home.
All along it has been waiting
for me to put the pieces down.
Step back and look with wonder,
at the beauty to behold.
Peace breathes through me each moment.
The energy behind
is here to be worshipped, honored, known
to settle in and accept all of my life.
Not of fragments, parts within
but one blended, apart of the One,
not to be excluded
for anything it might have done.
Nothing, absolutely nothing is exempt
from the love that contains All.
So the process of Peacemaking
is not so much of doing something
as it is to allow to Be.
There is a natural emerging
the essence of peace being exposed
emerging, showing, revealing
its wonders, the glory so it´s known.
Consciousness in human form invited
to return to its Source.
To the place where it all started, and yet ended
as no time exists it shall be known.
The process of segmenting, counting, meting out
was only necessary as it has shown
an illusion of piece making.
unsettled, disturbance, separation.
There exists none of this
unless we entertain it – but I no more.
Eye now, release, and embrace
as my experience up till now
it all has been a blessing
to which there is no return.
The wonders of existence,
revealed and showered upon,
All the One.

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