Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Stage of Life

a smile says "I love you",
and so does a frown.
They each express an aspect of life.
Find within the unique treasure,
to be expressed from Source,
each blade of grass, flower, sea
has complete and unique form.
Each molecule, leaf, ray -
unique as only one can.
The nature of life is revealed
by an inner voice, sound, vibration
orchestrated by some Divine purpose,
the mystery to be revealed.
Impositions from outside
also effect how it emerges,
but each in its own nature Share
an ever present expression and adventure
of forms, thoughts, stages within
that reflect out for us to see
the performance of the eons.
There is no need for judgment
and yet, if so, that too
for All That Is - Is
and we all came here to join the show.

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