Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Simple Solution - John DeSantis - Public & Private Enterprise

Who makes money? Where does it come from? Who controls the supply? Why is there not enough?

We used to have to cut down trees, and dig for gold, silver, etc. - but now money is simply "virtual" "1s" and "0s".

Why is there a scarcity of money? Where did this idea of scarcity come from? Is this the truth?

My father was an economics professor. And I am being a little rebellious pointing out that I disagreed with some of the foundational principles of traditional economics.

I remember when I learned in my economics class the concept of "scarcity". I just knew deep inside that it was bullshit - there is no scarcity of anything, much less energy. I am going to post another little blog on this, or just expand on one that I already did the other day where I showed the size of the earth, and our sun in comparison to other stars, etc.

The key to remember is that without you, and me, and every other set of "eyes" of the One - there is no knowing whether this all would exist. God, Source, the One, or whatever you want to call it knew that none of this would be complete without you looking at it. You must be very important to Source - because you are here. That is the "apparent" paradox of existence - we seem very small in the whole scheme of things, but in reality we constitute it all because there is only ONE.

This is the "Incension" process - internalizing the mirrored nature of the cosmos (as outside as inside). All that you are wondering about, contemplating, cognizing, feeling, experiencing, etc., that appears to be outside of you, can only be realized inside of you.

Ok, enough of that. I believe John DeSantis has a very doable concept for dealing with the "money problem". In short, we make the money, why don´t we just make more.

Here is John´s Web site.

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